Tuesday, June 30, 2009

goals and golub

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I decided today to write down a list of goals for myself while I'm here for my last month in Syracuse, NY. These are what I came up with:

They maybe silly. They may be more than I can do. But they're on paper, visual, and hopefully will assist me in my life.

Of course riding the city bus, and rummaging through a dumpster aren't exactly "goals" to an every day person, but I would like to do these and experience these for myself before I leave here. I want to feel things that people around me are feeling...even if it isn't a positive experience. In my eyes, one can only gain certain knowledge through experience.

chili. kindergarten style.

I made another batch of vegetarian chili today for lunch and dinner. It looks like a kindergarten child drawing-come-to-life, but it tasted good! I finally have a camera (well...it certainly is not mine...) to take photos of things in my life I wish to share. Which includes doors, interesting finds, food, adventures, and anything (and I mean anything!) of inspiration to me! Sorry, Nick, but I am taking full advantage of your camera while I'm burrowing it. And I won't spill anything on it.

I started my first night class as well for college credit with one of Studio Art professors from Cazenovia College, Anita. The class is going to be more interesting than I thought it would be, and will touch on more things than I presumes as well. These things always excite me...like learning about censored things and contraband from the big brother.

I was enriched by the artist Leon Golub. His paintings opened my eyes completely, and were an absolute inspiration for the bits of political-esque art that I've lightly touched upon with some paintings. He is definitely worth the look into!

I wish he was still alive today, but under circumstances and life, I am thrilled that I could be exposed to the process of his work (through film) and the outlets of the inspiration that fueled his creativity and energy.

I'm looking forward to being exposed to more controversial artists and art organizations around Syracuse as well during these next 6 weeks of my class. It's amazing the things you overlook, that are often times just in front of you!

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Missa said...

Some fine goals indeed! I hope you achieve them one and all :)