Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is the end, my friend

current tune: "Generator" by: The Holloways

I quit my job today. My shitty-minimum-wage-paying-no-respect-worthless-dead-end-job at the local McDonald's. I've spent 4 years of my life serving under corporate hierarchy to serve people greasy cancer causing food so they can curb their addictions all for crappy communist wages. I never received a raise that I wouldn't lose when minimum wage increased, and I never was appreciated.

Fuck you, I'm done.

I've got a cold can of Keystone Ice to my left and a strong man to lean on when I feel the desire to.

I'm a poor artist that has had enough.

And I'm scared.


Shanna McKay* said...

I'm proud. For sure. This means I don't have any good reason to go McDs in caz anymore though =p

yay, time to find work that makes you truly happy <3

Michael said...

"a strong man to lean on"


Gracie said...

Good for you! I'm suprised you didn't leave sooner, babe! You deserve better! <3

nico phillips said...

this is a fantastic image....