Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's saturday...can you feel the thrill of it?

current tune: "Hometown" by: Miss Kitten and the Hacker

Weekends are a favorite time for me. They represent two days where I have no obligations to my internship nor my job....and I bask in it. The morning commenced waking up off the side of the road next to fields in the warm sun from a nights sleep in my car in the country. An odd start, but an interesting start none the less.
Breakfast at Dave's Diner was the next stop on the agenda; sharing breakfast with Nick and then a mosey around the local farmer's market and yard sales going on today.

Today was a very good day for me with good finds!

small blue Caz Lakers towel - $0.50

one dozen small free-range locally raised chicken eggs - $2.00
one very large "sun tea" jar w/lid - $3.00
ice tray - $0.99
spatula - $0.79
spaghetti serving spoon - $0.79

"The Kraft Cookbook" - $1.99
two books (The Cheese Monkeys, I'm Ok- You're Ok) - $1.99 each
three different windows and frames - free

Two trips to the Salvation Army, some curb browsing, and adventure with a tranquil stop at 2nd Story Books for an iced coffee added to my day. Along with a trip to a shady furniture store to purchase and help transport a new mattress, making pizza and watching "Resevoir Dogs" at my flat with Bill, and making a whole jar of iced tea completed the adventure!

For some odd reason this is the 2nd instance where I've had guests come over and decide to watch this movie with me. Odd...? Or maybe just a great cult classic.

I've been quite busy with odds and ends, my life, and cleaning the flat with my flatmates. I've been trying to get to know Syracuse and keep my creative juices gong with everything around me and ideas inside me to hopefully just have days at a time to wake up and do whatever...and produce some good art.

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