Thursday, May 28, 2009

album appreciation: movits!

current tune: "Appelknyckarjazz" by: The Movits!

If you like jazz music of the 1930's variety and are open to say....some Swedish music this is right up your alley! I stumbled on the vintage-sounding band, Movits!, on Aurgasm. If you are not familiar with Aurgasm, please look into it! This site has opened my eyes to artists I would not have known otherwise, and is a constant source of inspiration for me. Besides that...I love it!

Their sound, their beats, and the foreign lyrics roped me into this small vibrant band. Jazz has always been one of those things that I fondly enjoy, but am not exposed to it enough to know how to play anymore or know any really potent work....and I kind of suck with the lack of knowledge of true jazz history and talent. Besides playing tenor saxophone in the small jazz band I had in school growing up, I was not exposed to too much of it. However, the Movits! have re-kindled an interest amplified in the modern world and on an international level. had this to say about the Movits!:

“...Django guitar, windy street swing; music for both art directors and for your mother” is how MOVITS! describe their sound. Well-known in Sweden, but unheard of elsewhere, they fold together elements of 1930’s big band swing, roma swing and rhythm & blues, then drop hiphop vocals on top for some serious energetic firepower..."

Their demeanor and dress are classy and stylish and will get you moving a little in your seat!

Also, once translated their lyrics are both intriguing and create imagery of a foreign world ingulfed in a foreign tongue.

Put a little Swedish into your life!

i'll have the house tossed salad

current tune: "Rocker" by: Alter Ego

I'm surviving another grueling week of full school-days at my internship during the day and working the night shift at McDonald's....yes, that's right I work for corporate America...please don't remind me. It's already Thursday and the weekend is almost here! yes!

Yesterday I walked in my flat after I returned from work and my daily commute to see that I would be having more roommates and possibly children moving in. I was a little caught off guard and a tad uncomfortable at the thought of a family living in one bedroom and six people sharing one tiny flat in Syracuse. But tonight those worries were eased to a kind Indian woman who is a passionate vegetarian.

I met the mother of the small family living with me and my other roommate, Yazmin, today when I got out of work and am so blessed and thankful that she is the way she is. She moved here from Alaska and other travels supporting her husband and their growing family. She is a gorgeous tiny woman from India who is delightfully welcoming, inviting, and kind. I briefly saw her adorable sleeping children and half-asleep husband after I spoke with her and after she offered to cook me some delish vegetarian dishes she learned from home. I am in love!

Despite the fact that I am working constantly and hardly in the flat, I am so happy that I am living with good people in a small space, and oddly with international roommates. This theme must have continued on after my semester abroad in Canterbury, England when I had two British roommates and two Slovakian roommates. I hope I can learn a lot from these new people I meet and enjoy the time I have in Syracuse with this dysfunctional odd little family that has been created on Westcott St.

I'll try and keep new adventures posted, and especially new experiences I have with this new family of mine.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

cooking up a pot of html

current tune: "Mama Your Boys Will Find a Home" by: Scissors For Lefty

A lot of friends are coming, or have been in the blogging scene and I thought I would share some of the websites and tutorials on how I worked a bit on my blog.

I do realize it will be a LONG time before my blog looks professional when I keep doing it myself, but it's trial and error situation that I learn from each step of the way.

The first site I used was The Blog Doctor. I liked this site, but after trying to re-do things multiple times over I got fed up and began searching for new tutorials.

The second I used was Three Column Blogger. I liked this tutorial a bit better and it was easier for me, personally, to follow along while I was completing the steps. I wish I knew a friend who could just create a gorgeous blog for me, but this also makes me feel good tackling the mysterious html codes.

I have no knowledge to html, so don't even bother asking. I am an old-school-hand-drawing-kind of girl.

I hope this helps....a little.

Bonne chance!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

orange you trendy

current tune: "Snakes and Lions" by: Melno Mene

My first house guests came by last night and helped me feel more settled and optimistic about the apartment on Westcott. The night had many ups and downs consisting of locating bandaids in the basement convenient store up the street, having a conversation with a drunk heart broken man on the street, picking up a sweet black chair and cushions off the curb, and enjoying the after affects of many an assisted friend. All served with lots of incense.

Last night was one full of signs and inspiration. On a subconscious note, everything last night was orange themed. Being the broke college student that I am living in central New York by myself I don't have much to offer in the forms of food, and lodging. This of course just makes life more interesting and unique.

The orange themed night went as follows:

Tang (mixed in a coffee pot because I do not own a pitcher as of yet)
Macaroni & Cheese (the cheapest variety - so cheap you can taste the difference and still appreciate it for its cheapness)
Resevoir Dogs (Mr. Orange)
Orange Juice (vitamin C)

All of this was not planned and just escalated as it went. I think it just adds flair to the night.
After Resevoir Dogs we found a lonely heart broken man trying to make his way home. I don't know the full details of his life or if he really was that drunk at all, but it felt good to connect with him sitting on the backside of a building with two of my friends (no, I was not alone).

I had the chance to sit down with my other roomie, who is from Columbia. It feels so much better to talk with her in person. She's older than me and so much more knowledgable and experienced with schooling, that she's an inspiration living so far from home to pursue a better future.

I'm out a toaster. I'm thinking I might make grilled cheese for breakfast for my guests.
Play the orange theme a bit longer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

album appreciation: santogold

current tune: "You'll find it my way" by: Santogold

I was first introduced to Santogold or Santigold (because of legal convictions) through my favorite radio station back home out of Vermont called WEQX. They played "L.E.S. artistes" by them and I fell in love with their sound and energy.

I originally thought it was a numerous member band and was surprised to find out that Santogold is comprised of one amazingly talented woman, Santi White.

Santi White is a one woman show with her music and has her studies to back her up in that department. Santi double majored in music and African-American studies at Wesleyan University.

Santi White is a one woman show with her music and has her studies to back her up in that department. Santi double majored in music and African-American studies at Wesleyan University.

And her rad was a nickname given to her by a friend.

Her self-titled album "Santogold" was released in 2008 and contains 12 songs.

check out her album and let it all flow.

a musical connection

current tune: "Love in a Trash can" by: The Raveonettes

I'm on a bit more sleep than yesterday, just got out of my internship (art teacher-apprentice-experience-with the local Cazenovia elementary school), and sitting in the back of Dave's Diner again enjoying the connection between an old man and a young man. They're sitting in the corner in front of a large round wooden table. The kind with dings, dents, and scars all from love. The older man is playing an electric guitar hooked to a tiny amp while the young man is playing with him on a nice acoustic guitar. They're both facing each other as the older man tries to teach the younger about 3-chords.

I'm basking in their connection of similar interests.

This is a spontaneous post all from observation as it's happening.

(random picture that attracted me and like the fit)

I'm witnessing magi

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


current tune: "Fel Del Av GĂ„rden" by: Movits!

I am back in central New York again.

Currently at Dave's Diner in Cazenovia enjoying the conversation of a French family to my right, a good lunch, and wonderful wifi.

I'll be catching up with my weekend and photos/adventures that were had. I wanted to share a particular photo I took on my boyfriend's iPhone. It was perfect. We were in Saratoga for the afternoon and stumbled on a huge overhead door painted bright teal. I was in love.

This is me.
Brightly colored doors/walls are an oddity that attracts me.
And an iced coffee.

I think a coffee book of brightly colored doors/walls would be fabulous!
I already have a great photo, thanks to my photo-savvy friend Shanna, in Ireland and now this!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

some traditions will always be classy

current tune: "L.E.S. Artistes" by: Santogold

This evening was a special occasion, and to celebrate like any other traditional middle-class American family, we celebrate by going out to dinner together. My younger sister is having her confirmation tomorrow at the Auriesville Shrine, so we went out as a congratulatory celebration...of the low key variety.

How American.

My sister picked out the Raindancer in Amsterdam. It's classy...but does not have much of the "non meat" selection. In fact it was tough enough looking through the menu trying to find a handful of dishes that weren't accompanied by a meat product. It was a nice small dinner for my mom, dad, sister, my two grandmothers, and my grandfather. I sometimes forget how typically traditional my family gets at times. Sometimes it makes me smile, and sometimes it irks me.

My sister, Joan.
I realized today just how stylish she is becoming as she grows up.
I hope the best for her.

I only eat at this particular restaurant on rare occasions: family anniversaries, MORP (my senior prom, which is way more casual than my junior PROM), and celebratory family dinners. It's nice, but kind of snooty restaurant for the area it is located in.

Of course I had dessert after my salad and small dinner. And it was a classic.

All in all it was a nice occassion. It wasn't going to Denny's or Ponderosa (both of which I do induldge in from time to time when I want good cheap food). Despite all our individual schedules, my family could still make time to meet.

For dinner.

an ode to a captain

current tune: "Notice" by: Gomez

I rented "Persepolis" last night with Matthew (after I could not locate "Eraserhead" and Blockbuster failed to be....uhhh....anything. I loathe Blockbuster and other high corporate movie rental places like this around the county. They boast they have every movie under the sun that you'll need. Do you know why...? Because they would rather purchase C-rated straight-to-dvd horror flicks then actually investing in classics.

When I asked the rather chubby sales associate, he slightly turned his head to the side and asked me if I had the title right. Thanks! I then realized that they didn't have any movies before 1990's excluding the occasional '80's cult classic like the Breakfast Club.

Why am I ranting on Blockbuster? Because my favorite locally and privately owned video rental store just recently went out of business and I am beyond saddened. Captain Video had every video I have ever looked for (all old releases are always $1.00). Captain Video you will missed ever so much, and now I'll have to subscribe to Netflix like every other white picket fence American.

I am rather bitter about the whole ordeal, but it was a small tradition to rent from this small rental place. I used to walk or ride my bike with friends to grab late night movies. It was local, cheap, and wonderfully iconic. Kevin Smith would certainly approve.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

great finds at great prices

current tune: "Combat Baby" by: Metric

Yesterday, after my cup of coffee, I ventured down Erie Blvd. with my merc and my music to locate amazing finds at the DeWitt Salvation Army. This particular Salvation Army has to be one of the largest and most diverse ones that I have encountered. As I can not classify myself as a Salvy-connoisseur I do know a good Salvy when I see it.

I love walking around the department-like store and searching for things that go with my taste and things that just stand out in general. There's always new items every time I go in, and always new treasures to contemplate over. A trip to Salvy is unpredictable, because you'll always see different people that come from different homes and backgrounds. I think this is an aspect of the Salvation Army I like the most. No one discriminates, and for the most part, people are polite, humble, and full of character.

Bottom line: I stumbled on some finds that made my day.

This is my favorite find and something that immediately stood out to me amongst the other miscellaneous items there. I enjoyed carrying my new craft around the store before I nestled it in the small noisy cart I had.

Two lovely old 7-up glasses

a rad bright yellow waist belt

and a very comical vintage 1986 sweatshirt from Phoenix, NY
(I hope my friend Kari sees this because this is the town she moved to from Florida)

Do I look ridiculous in this...? Yes.
Do I enjoy it...? Heck yes!
(a sneak peek at the look at my family's retro kitchen at home)

I love second hand things. They were loved in their prime, and still loved even after their first owners.

Besides, character is a great trait.

Friday, May 15, 2009

waking up the right way

current tune: "Cheap and Cheerful" by: The Kills

Today started off slow and nice. I spent my first full "good" night at the apartment. My back is slowly getting used to the "bed" I'm using. For all those who are curious, my bed is a foam mat and a sleepingbag at the moment. I woke up to sunshine, took a shower, got dressed, and packed up my computer to go to Recess for good free wifi and fresh coffee. Plus it would hurt to be seen amongst the locals as a cute indie girl.

My laptop is happily streaming wifi with a better connection than the one I receive in my room and the coffee is both free trade and delish! I am having a great morning!!

Recess Coffee was one of those places I knew about for a long time (ever since I started going in to Boom Babies) but never went over to check it out. With the recommendation from a talented professor, Sanders, I will now be frequenting this place when I can.

the outside, off of Westcott St.

a bit of the inside (where I'm currently occupying)

I'm going to finish the adorable mug of coffee that is patiently sitting on my right and indulge in my free wifi for a bit longer. Salvation Army and work call my name and adventures await!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

album appreciation: lenka

current tune: "Bring Me Down" by: Lenka

I would like to keep up with a routine with my blog from a week to week basis. I thought maybe that music would be up my alley for love and that I could start with sharing the music that moves me.

You may have heard a bit of Lenka on VH1 as she is getting bigger over in the U.S. Lenka, Lenka Kripac, is an Australian television actress with a sweet voice and cute picturesque lyrics. I personally enjoy her music as easy listening in the car, or in my room. It's easily optimistic background music and an all-age listening category. She has won a spot both in my itunes and an artist I go to frequently to listen to.

Her first self-titled album contains 11 songs and was originally released in 2008.

visit her more at:

I am going to try and keep up with new updated albums (both newly released and old) of music that moves me. Check out new updates every Thursday!

you're a hot, hot mess

current tune: "Black Balloon" by: The Kills

My internet completely blows. My connection is barely slow enough to log me on to facebook, and takes its sweet time when loading blogger. How long am I going to be here...? Oh, right......Now I know how REAL people feel. I'm living off of stolen internet. Slow stolen internet.

And, I have no cell phone signal in my room...

I realize these are setbacks I can get over as time passes on. It is simply just locating the motivation to become an everyday commuter to my internship, then working like a dog at my minimum-wage paying occupation, then driving home to sleep so I can wake up and do it all over again. Do you choose a life of calculated mundane qualities or do you ignore the fact it is so routine and blow it all off to forget everything with good bud and good friends?

I've seen Bill, Rob, and Mike. And somehow through the mix I'll be forcing myself to better get acquainted with the highways, intersections, and streets of Syracuse, NY.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a new nest

current tune: "Bang Bang" by: Nancy Sinatra
(to go along with the Kill Bill movie-theme I've been going on recently)

I have yet to spend a night in my new room, but I took a nap in it. I'm trying to settle in to my new nest and get acquainted with everything.

Things I have learned about my new nest:

- I'm so close to the road that all I can hear is traffic. An annoyance now, but something I'm sure I'll get used to and just drown out.

-I'm going to have to rely on the wifi of the upstairs tenants for my interweb needs.

-The microwave in the dining room is not to be trusted.
(I've already blown through two bags of burnt popcorn)

-I need to purchase an inflatable mattress.
(The mat is too low to the ground and it's rather cold)

-Where are my roomies?
(I wish I could meet them to get squared away about space)

I'm still not comfortable with it as of yet, but I haven't spent a night here. Last night I crashed on Bill's couch after a late night munchie Denny's run, which made me feel more like a nomad. I think this nomadic feeling won't be leaving for awhile as I commute from Cazenovia to Syracuse.

Hopefully I'll get pictures up once someone comes to visit with a working digital camera since mine is still dead.

Monday, May 11, 2009

moving on

current tune: "Gloria" by: Them

I'm prolonging the inevitable. I'm scared to live in Syracuse so far from everyone.

This weekend allowed me to enjoy my home and hometown. I live in a small city that is poor-white trash-ish-old, yet full of potential and history. I can walk to my neighborhood dunkin' donuts, go for a hot dog and fries at Dean's Dogs (Matt eating the hot dog, and me the fries) all while simply cutting through the neighborhood elementary school. My city is cut up with sidewalks for easy walking and almost 1950's where the houses all have front yards, driveways, and terraces. My neighborhood isn't a sterile development, but merely a living family neighborhood were landscaping is done by the family and swingsets decorate the backyards.

I remember playing street hockey in the street with my best friend Jennifer when I was younger. First Avenue had the oldest, best asphalt in the city!

I am scared to move on because I miss the everyday comforts I know so well. But I know this is better for me and will teach me new things, I will meet new people, and most importantly have new adventures.

The old Glove Theatre on our Main St.

On a different note, it is spring. And I get the itch to get a part of my body pierced. Last spring it was my nose, then towards the end it was my lip. As of yesterday it was my 5th hole in both my ears. And all though it does not sound appealing to most, I enjoy the slight body modifications. Next year I am going to start designing my half sleeve I would like to get in memory of my grandfather who passed away from Parkinson's at the begining to my freshman year in college, and a memorial to his profession, nature, and my family tradition of camping and the love of outdoors.

Tomorrow will be another drive on the thruway out west to Syracuse by myself and then the start of a new life (for the summer). I hope I am inspired and learn a lot through this experience. And get to more aquainted with the depths of this salt city.
in front of the old Westcott cinema.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

catch up, ketchup!

current tune: "Big Yellow Taxi" by: Joni Mitchell

Yes...I am back from the depths of college, finals week, moving, packing and unpacking, and everything else in between! I have been sandwiched between an addiction to stress, a gloriously overactive ambition, and the little voice inside my head that can't say 'no'.

Rather then catch up with my life, I will simply just pick up at the present.....I'm home! (well....for the weekend). I have a new home that I'm moving into in Syracuse, NY (three hours west from my home in Gloversville, NY). It is going to be an experience living with two other roomies I have never met before and essentially living without the assistance and comfort of my family. It is going to be a
n experience, one that I hope will assist me in preparing for life after college.

On a good note, this weekend I have been proudly decreasing my carbon footprint! I have been washing laundry since I returned home in the wee hours Saturday morning in cold water and hanging them up on the clothesline in our backyard to dry. It make me feel like Laura Ingalls when I do this, but I enjoy this. My family has slowly been taking steps to becoming more eco-friendly and conscious and these small actions make you feel so good inside!

Also! To go along with this "green theme" my book, "The Self-Sufficient-ish Bible" has FINALLY been delivered after 5 months of back order on Amazon (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Matthew). I first saw it in Waterstone's while I was in Windsor, England and it has been on my mind since then!

I have now found my tree-hugging bible and I LOVE it! These two brothers are amazing and a complete inspiration to me!

Andy and Dave Hamiliton

What have you done today to reduce your own carbon footprint?