Saturday, June 13, 2009

down the rabbit hole, and back up again

current tune: "My Patch" by: Jim Noir

Last night I was supposed to attend my first field party.
Fate had other plans for me.

I got out of work a bit early, since I wasn't given a break, met Nick, and waited for my co-worker to get out so I could follow her to this field party....which is a congregation of high schoolers and up driving out to the complete stix to get plastered.

I found Cindy after a couple calls and after being forgotten at our original meeting place to follow her past New Woodstock, through Sheds, Georgetown, Otselic, and South Otselic. I drove down so many back seasonal dirt roads with my merc I thought I was going to the Shire. It was definitely a metaphoric experience of "going down the rabbit hole."

The party was moved, we were lost, and I had no clue where we were. Cindy had a headlight out and was low on gas, and it was a caravan of three cars and passengers in the middle of central New York at 12am looking for a good time.

In the end I almost got stuck in a ditch from pressured speedy reverse driving thanks to my co-worker Cindy, was able to get to DeRyter thanks to Nick, spilled a beer in my car, and ended up spending the night in my car again in Sheds on a back road with Nick. It was another classic sleepingbad affair.

We drove over 2 hours looking for a party that maybe we weren't meant to be at. I used a good 1/8 of my tank on back roads and dirt unmarked roads trying to find my way out. And lots of frustrated swearing occured. Looking back on this night, I don't know why we did what we did, but it was an adventure. An adventure of dirt seasonal roads with my not-so-off roading car.


Shanna McKay* said...

...Nick...? ::raised eyebrow at new boy in Carolinealine's life::

Caroline said...

...yep. I'll fill you in later