Tuesday, September 29, 2009


current tune: "Got Your Number" by: Nadia Oh feat. Space Cowboy

Like most girls who are always looking for new styles, innovations, change is needed! I thus decided to give myself a little trim and bangs again! I'm later thinking on an angular cut that I might have the assistance of a salon professional. None the less, when I cut my own hair for a different change, it gives me a sense of liberation. I am choosing my own actions and proceeding. It's a great feeling.And I acquired a fresh new pair of mulberry converse!
They're a different color than I would have chosen, if there were more of an option....but they are growing on me! They're bold in their own way. Slightly sarcastic mixed with artisticly-punk-icons. For anyone who knows me, they know my classic blacks traveled all over Europe and back. I hope you have a similar beloved piece of shoe-love.

I'm also thinking about painting them and putting my own design into my shoes. I've always wanted to do it, and never had the courage to do so. So, now is a perfect time than any to do so!
I was thinking white, black, and baby blue. Possibly another pastel color? I'll do a little research and post some good inspirations.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While in a class today I looked up some links randomly on methods to become a positive person with a positive outlook on life. I want to stay positive through the "living-on-my-own-for-the-first-time experiences I have had, and keep positive through the stress of class and my life. Here's a wiki I found with some insight.

Next on the list is meditation....and hopefully a weekend home to see my family and possibly a camping trip with my artist in two weeks.Doesn't this little clay Totoro just make you all warm inside?

the shelf that caroline built

current tune: "Europa Neurotisch" by: Stereo Total

Yesterday, while looking for plastic milk crates at Target I stumbled on cheap, DIY shelves. I figured for $20 I could construct this shelving unit without too much difficulty and house my numerous books, sketchbooks, notebooks, and random books I keep acquiring. As of yesterday I have not put together a particle board shelf. As of today I will think twice when I make a purchase like this again.
One cut thumb and about 6 hours later I had it built.

Shelf: 3

Caroline: 5 I feel quite accomplished after this was finished, and happy that I did not let a piece of espresso covered particle board get the best of me. As for the thought of purchasing any IKEA furniture for my flat.....that might have to wait.

Why is it that DIY things like this never go as smoothly as you plan while you're in the store?
Maybe it would have been easier, and more cost efficient to simply just get lumber cut and use the old hammer and nails.

I was also contemplating on painting it. As an artist, and just a creative individual in general, I feel the need to make everything my own. I'm sure you can relate, and even experience the exact same feeling. Maybe a bold funky teal or bright color associated with India or another exotic country will make a good statement. Or a collage of magazine/collected images?

We'll see what happens. Good or bad, I put a shelf together by myself and without the help of a man.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall reading

New font = exciting!

I am very bogged down with my workload senior year as an artist just trying to get her BA. Though currently I am working on an illustration about censorship in the media (possible topic of usage in senior paper...!!) and am all out of my usual monochromatic friend, my classic sharpie markers.

Though I haven't been taking too much time to search for fantastic artistic inspiration to share, I have been nibbling at various books, and am also very guilty of picking up a new book when the one I was currently reading isn't finished yet.

These are some of the lovelies in my life at the moment:
The Essence of Self-Realization
Though, I was told this book is not the most reliable on the subject of self-realization, I am enjoying it and will be using it as a precursor to expanding more on the subject.

The Cheese Monkeys
This is a fantastic book I picked up at my local Salvation Army for $2.00! It's about a college freshman going into art school in the 1950's and it is quite enjoyable to spend some time reading.

Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being
This was put on the list because although it is one of my textbooks, I have felt like I have learned the most from this text than any other in my experience of liberal arts. It's liberal and heavy reading, but very informational.

I wish I had more time to produce the art that has been hibernating in my head since summer, but there's little time with work, papers, and all else in the academic world.

It's officially 11:38pm and I am craving a new pack of Sharpies.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

back in action!

current tune: "Into Action" by: Tim Armstrong

So, it's been quite some time! I had to take some time off because I did not have a dependable source of internet, and was too busy with other pressing things to take the time to blog...sadly.

But, here's to a new start up!

New inspiration, new finds, and of course new adventures!

Though this may be like any other autumn for a good majority of people, it is my last fall semester before I earn my BFA in Studio Art with minor concentrations in Art History and Fashion Design. I will have completed my 4 years of college and will be a different person since I began this small milestone in my life.

I'll be keeping updates on my current work. New drawings and illustrations, ideas and inspiration for my upcoming Senior show/project in spring....and on inspiration for my "capstone" paper.

I've done a lot of growing up this summer with my new companion, Nick, and I'm not finished yet!

So, from now on I'll be updating my blog with tidbits, movie trailers, and a taste of my artwork!

here's to a fresh new week!

brought to you by pandas.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

temporary shut down

Not to follow a trend of fellow bloggers who seem to have taken a break from blogging due to more pressing priorities and busy lives....I, too, am taking a break. I do not need a break from blogging, and am far from being inspired to blog.

I'm currently residing with friends in the area which seems to be falling more on the lines of commune with no internet and little privacy.

I think it is better to say that I'll be back in a couple of weeks when I find a new home and get settled again.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

what's a good night to you?

current tune: "Sweet Smoke" by: Mr Scruff

Oh, how I love diving into rare finds of ultra retro clothing with vintage fabrics! I went over to my friend Zoe's house and met my other friend Bill there to visit and of course...play some Mall Madness.
Bill and I share a common bond of fast-food employment...only he makes very rad tunes as well in his spare time! Check out this happenin' dude and enjoy some chipper music!

Bill showed me the greatest retro cardigan I have seen in a very long time! It was love at first sight with a squeal of joy at the old knit piece. It even has a button on the left side that says, "Go fly a kite!"
The glasses were so much fun to wear!

He let me use the faux glasses as a touching accessory, but alas, I had to give them back so he could use them as his one accessory for Mcd's. I am currently burrowing this lovely lovely and will be happily and proudly sporting it around wherever I go. It's so geek-chic and is very comfortable to wear! Unfortunately with August approaching central New York....I don't know now how much I'll be able to sneak in cardigans into my summer ensebles.

He's my very caring stylish friend who makes music, smokes his cigarettes, and loves anything retro and refined. I think everyone needs a friend who is proud to sport their own style and go through life in their own mode of transportation.

The sweater went with the rest of my current summer ensemble.
sweater: burrowed from Bill
cotton sleeveless ruffle top: $5.00 at TJMaxx
skinny jeans: 9 pounds at Primark in London
bag: $10.00 at Old Navy (2 years old)
retro leather cuff: present

I liked the brick as a background in the hallway of my flat....but the lighting was shite. This is why I am a drawer/painter and not a professional photographer.
The night was followed up by some inspiration painting by Nick and drawing for me....with some chocolate chip cookie baking! They were much anticipated and most delish! Nick was re-attacking some canvas board with ideas and I was drawing inspired by one of my favoritie bands, The Kills! (I'll let you all know tomorrow once I finish this little beaut!)

It's quite rewarding making art and having a warm dessert next to you as a little treat to spark creativity.
And of course with good company and days filled with adventure.

...What's a good night to you?

Friday, July 24, 2009

album appreciation: amon tobin (cujo)

current tune: "Break Charmer" by: Amon Tobin (Cujo)

Amon Tobin, originally born in Brazil, released his first album under the name Cujo (not to be mistaken for the rapid canine). "Adventures in Foam" was released in September 1996 under a British label, Ninebar Records.

Tobin began producing electronic music with samplers and other audio equipment. While taking a class at a university in Brighton, he responded to a magazine promotion for the London-based Ninebar record label asking artists to send in demos of their songs. Ninebar signed Tobin to the label in 1996 after hearing his early work, and he traveled between his home in Brighton and the studios in London to produce his first official works.
Under his original alias Cujo, he released a series of drum and bass remixes on vinyl. His first full-length album, "Adventures in Foam" had a limited release of 5,000 copies. Tobin was later signed by Ninja Tune under his own name to produce 6 additional fantastic albums.

Tobin is best known for his use of sampling, where a small section of a previous recording is manipulated to produce a new sound. His use of this technique has changed over the course of his career. He manipulates the sounds with a combination of audio hardware, and software such as Cubase and the original source is often not recognizable in its new context
Tobin says that he sees it as a "genuine" expression of the time he lives in, as he says blues, jazz, and Brazilian genres were "genuine" expressions of the 1960s.

Amon Tobin released 6 additional albums after "Adventures in Foam," up to his most recent in 2007, "Foley Room" released with Ninja Tune.

If you enjoy slick beats and good mixes that can serve as both being main music or background music, check out this dj's killa tunes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

go strut your stuff...secretarial style

current tune: "Buddy Holly" by: Weezer

It was very exciting to wear the new teal pencil skirt I bought at Salvation Army yesterday. I paired the newly acquired item with a snug fitting white short sleeved top with a ruffled front, a thick black waistbelt, a purple pashmina, brown moccassin flats, and my new headband.
top: free from a British friend
scarf: pashmina from 99cent city - $3.99
belt: H&M - $7
skirt: Salvation Army - $3.99
shoes: Target - $9.99

(I realize the photos are far from fantastic...again..)

I simply adored wearing the high-waisted skirt and feeling very happily retro! I am going to keep my eye out for any other pencil skirts that I may come across in my thrifting adventures. That great vintage secretary/librarian look could very well make its way into my style.
This great inspirational fashionista goes by them name Piksi, from Finland, on Flickr. I stumbled upon her page and went through some of her fab outfits. I love her vintage appeal and her fantastic sense of style! She is definitely worth the look into for styke inspiration and ensemble appeal!

Cardigans, vests, sweaters, big glasses, brooches, pencil skirts, and old fashioned blouses are worth having in anyones closet.....if you go for geek-chic appeal.
Anyone know of any good sites...or places...for big vintage glasses?
Possibly ones that you could replace the lens in and use as prescription glasses?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thrifty days spent in a good way

current tune: "Rabbit Heart" by: Florence and The Machine

Mushrooms make me happy. They're cute. Quaint. Colorful. And are quite decorative on mugs, plates, and any other kitchen accessory that catches my eye!

As a child, my father worked at a large company called Coleco, and had one of their computers...possibly as "Adam" computer with a Smurf game on it that he and I used to play when I was in elementary school. I adored the Smurfs so much as a child growing up in the late '80's - early '90's....Smurfette, of course being a favorite.

So...! I purchased these little cuties today at the Salvation Army on Erie Blvd. for $0.79 a piece!

I apologize for the less-than-lovely photos...
but...aren't they just adorable?
I am head over heels for these little salt and pepper shaker and small sugar dish!

These little shakers reminded me of the Smurfs and I just couldn't pass these retro ceramics for such a fab price! They're a bit chipped in places and faded....but they still hold a lot of love.

I also picked up a teal high waisted 1960's skirt and a patterned hippie-love skirt. Both of which I loved as well!

I'll post better photos, I promise, of these! Hopefully some of me wearing them in some unique ensembles. I need to take in the patterned skirt a bit, but I am just itching to throw together a vintage-artsy-chic ensemble with the teal high-waister skirt. And I am very pleased that high-waisted skirts, shorts, and pants and slowly coming back into style!

And lastly this little beauty! I picked up this funky cheap headband in the basement of Carousel Mall in 99cent city. I would like to get back into headbands as a neat accessory as well!

I want to find headbands like this that are simply....gorgeous! I stumbled upon this great find on Splendicty.com and would love to have it for my own! They have some absolute fabulous headbands and accessories that rock my socks!

What are some of your favorite fashion accessories to stylize your own statements?

Besides your fab selves!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

diner days

current tune: "Heartbreak Hotel" by: Elvis Presley

I love diners! I love diners so much that today I craved just to go..sit at a cozy diner...have some good diner coffee...and diner grub! So...Nick and I set off to find a diner in Syracuse semi-close to us and stumbled on a little gem called, "Doc's Little Gem Diner!"

Isn't their sign just the greatest?

For all of you familiar with the Syracuse area it is located on Spencer St. in Syracuse....not too far from the Carousel Mall.

It was a fun and relaxed experience having lunch there! The waitress we had was very nice and I also had the chance to fill out an application, have an interview with her, and meet Doc himself as well. Unfortunately, they are not presently hiring...but it would be sooo rad to work at a little 1950's-esque diner as my job!

Nick and I split a tuna melt (I indulge in fish every now and then for protein and iron...) fries, and some fried zucchini. It was a first time having fried zucchini....which was delish, but very hot.

The diner was so quaint and good-feeling...like you have spent hours there with friends over mugs of coffee and good conversation. The chrome had a great 1950's feeling and the pipes were painted black with floral stibble all over too! Of course there seemed to be some older regulars there that simply added to the charm!

Diners are a big part of my life and almost a staple for comfort things. I hope everyone has a little something inside them for these iconic representations of "homestyle Americana f00d" and appreciate them for their quirks and unique style.

Someday I'll go across the U.S. and stop at many diners on my way of exploring America from a car with good people, good conversation, and good music!

Monday, July 20, 2009

teal tuesday

current tune: "Sweet Apocalypse" by: Moby

I am in loooove with the color teal. Call it what you want: teal, aquamarine, turquoise;etc....but I love the intense blue/green concoction of color in my life and around me!

Here are some teal lovies that caught my eye!

Stoffer's microwave mac&cheese dinner on a classic plastic child plate.
Sometimes, you just need a good classic...in a hurry!
this adorable piano playin' octopus print found on Shanalogic
Teal doors on businesses or residential homes. I think it makes a bold statement and pop!
I want a good poppy door when I find my cozy home in the future!
This very cute dress found on Forever21.
This is such a fab party dress that I would throw a waist belt with a possibly a tassel scarf!
Forever21 has some great summer dresses with spunk!
This fab satchel found at Urban Outfitters.
I like the bright color and the business of the small pockets (..but good for organization!)

I'll be keeping my eye out for key finds!
happy teal tuesday!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

there are dinosaurs in the mall!

current tune: "Killing For Love" by: Jose Gonzalez

Some days are best spent starting the day off slow. Visiting friends close by. Seeing a new exhibition at a local gallery. Cooking for people you care for. Walking around town. And playing childhood boardgames.

Thursday I went to visit some good friends, Bill and Zoe, to bring food and company and ended up staying to play the 1990's Milton Bradley board game, Mall Madness. I never actually owned this game, but it was a hoot to play....especially from a much older age!
I made up some yummy vegetable fried rice....in an almost Mexican taste. I can thank Taco Bell for their generous donation of hot sauce packets for giving my dish some heat!

Once I got to Zoe's, she, Bill, and her roomie Brook had been playing Mall Madness for quite some time. She was addicted! Nick and I decided to indulge with her once more and sat down to play the game. As shown above, I spiced things up with a plastic toy dinosaur that one of Brook's children left around the house.

"There's a dinosaur in the mall....!!"

Playing Mall Madness brought back memories of when I was middle school playing these silly games with my friends, or during sleepovers. I had Dream Phone at home and it is along the lines of Mall Madness, in silly early 1990's games. You had to go around and call different guys and see if you could get a date on a big hot pink phone. You had to call around and listen to clues to find out which hunky guy on the game was your secret admirer....oooh la la!

We had a lot of fun trying to buy things and seeing the ridiculous names of the stores. [ Frump's Fashion Boutique was just one of the names! ]

I suppose it was meant to keep kids occupied and teach them to be good little consumers....it's only practice kids, for the real world! We did have a lot of fun with the fake credit cards and when things went on sale.

"Attention all mall shoppers there is a sale at the shoe store!"

Did anyone else play this game while they were growing up?
...and were there anymore sweet games like this?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

album appreciation: strawberry alarm clock

current tune: "Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow" by: Strawberry Alarm Clock

I think I was first introduced to Strawberry Alarm Clock was a late-night infomercial for a TIME retro collection of cd's. It was on really late and last almost an hour with two relatively famous celebrities acting it. They would talk about the bands, and "oh, how i loved them.." or "...you know what the kids in high school did this behind the gymnasium..."

They showed bits and pieces of the music videos or live footage from that time to go with the artist and song. I heard these guys and wanted to download them for myself. They were psychedelic and had an awesome sound!

The group, originally named Thee Sixpence, initially consisted of Ed King (lead guitarist), Mark Weitz (keyboard), Lee Freeman (rhythm guitar), Gary Lovetro (bass), and Randy Seoldrums.

Their song "Incense and Peppermints" reached #1 on the Billboard pop singles chart in 1967.

The album, "Incense and Peppermints," was the first album by the pyschedelic pop band. Released in late 1967, the album reached #11 on the Billboard 200 album charts and includes the band's #1. In addition to the six regular members of the band, the album also features the flute playing of Steve Bartek, who co-wrote four songs on the album with bass player George Bunnell.

Side A:

"The World's on Fire"

"Birds in My Tree"

"Lose to Live"

"Strawberries Mean Love"

Side B:

"Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow"

"Paxton's Back Street Carnival"

"Hummin' Happy"

"Pass Time with the SAC"

"Incense and Peppermits"

"Unwind with the Clock"

Bits and pieces of the band memebrs disbanded and joined other groups from the late '60's-90's. The original line up re-joined for one last time an approximately one-hour set at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, IL, on April 29, 2007.

Thankfully you can still listen to this great '60's band on vinyl in any classic record store or eBay.

party like it's 1969!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

we need each other

current tune: "Revolution" by The Beatles

Today I realized how much I want to give back to this community I have become a part of during my stay in Syracuse, NY. I want to do more on my part of feeding the homeless, the poor, and the cast out by this capitalistic and consuming society that runs the majority of large cities in the United States. I look at my roommate who is not even native born to America (who is from Columbia) and see what she is striving for and doing for the community she lives in.

She is an inspiration to me. The people on the street are an inspiration to me. And the kind people I meet are an inspiration to me.

I want to check out Food Not Bombs and possibly donate/help cook and hand out food to those who need it. And also start volunteering more in the community around me.

This weekend I'll be tentatively be volunteering with an upcoming activist gallery, ArtRage. I visited the gallery twice (once with my class and once with Nick) and fell in love with the gallery, the curator, the people, and the voice and passion behind ArtRage.

The present exhibition is a very powerful one on the revolt going on in Oaxaca, Mexico. It consists of woodblock prints and photographs all of people standing up to unjust power and tyranny. it is both inspirational and moving. I recommend anyone who lives in the area to go and see it for yourself!

Thursday I plan on going to the event, "The Power of her Word," after I get out of class with Anita.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

"...Revolutionary women of Latin America - lending our voices to their poems and songs.

Powerful words of love, justice, equality and liberation: selection inspired by the women of the Oaxaca 2006 uprising.

Join us on Th3 Thursday, July 16th at 7pm for an evening filled with Latino music from Colleen Kattau and Caroline Kim. Otilia Ortiz, will present a video (short) about a young sandinista woman named Arlen Siu. Other poets and singers include Violeta Parra, Giaconda Belli, Natalia Toledo, Gloria Martin and Jenny Terrero who will read from her book, “The big apple turns brown when you slice it”. Featured will be the poetry of Bertha Muñoz ..."


How do you give back to those around you?

Friends, family, co-workers, friendly strangers...?

Monday, July 13, 2009

shake it up, baby

current tune: "Twist and Shout" by: The Beatles

Things I like:

giving homeless people food
spending my time with good friends without the need for money

making awesome sandwiches
experimenting with tasty coffee
necking on back roads
exploring new places -( i.e. train tracks)
comfortable silence

watching jeopardy high
being inspired by bathrooms

photos of inspiration around me:

photos in order of appearance: my friend's space heater in his bathroom, my boyfriend's aunt's farm, cheese sandwich, spoons I found on the side of the road in a lunchpail