Thursday, September 9, 2010

where have you been?

current tune: Beirut "Nantes"

where have you been?

where have I been?

where did you go during those warm warm days?
when the sun never set and time had no card on the table
we found on the curb
the other night
after that shitty party.

there was no music.
our departure had justification
for the new millennia.

what have you done, little girl? on the busy bustling city streets

you live in old suburbia.
where the old age and the lawns are mowed precisely every 4 days
give or take precipitation levels.

you drive to your rhythm and you smoke what you can breathe.
chasing your adventures
searching for the american dream.

the winds are coming and change left his bill in the mailbox.
those late fees do rack up, buttercup.

go find yourself a russian.
to open your eyes.

Too many times have I left this poor poor blog of mine to the wild and whims of the internet to just sit and deteriorate from lack of love and use. I've been too caught up with life, bills, work, finishing school, artwork, musical venues, adventures and road trips, meeting new people and dancing the night away, trying new things and losing much sleep.

I don't regret it.

I missed you, cozy quail.
I'm back.
to take care of you again.