Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello, open road

current tune: "Cheap and Cheerful" by: The Kills

I'm back in Madison County...oh boy! I hit the road today with a stop at the local McDonald's because they have Newman's Own organic iced coffee that is so worth the $2.04 and artificial flavoring; followed by a quick stop to the neighboring DD.

On the road things went smoothly and saw the lovely sights on I-90 with the Mohawk. Have you ever saw military vehicles on the thruway? Well today I did and it was oddly....haunting. Next time pay close attention to how eerie and creepy they are with this defiant brute strength of corruption. ugh.....I would fear us too if I was an Iraqi...fts...!

The joys of thruways, of speeding, or passing people to and fro down a thin long
stretch of man made asphalt. It's an odd feeling to ride down the same mundane black strip but oddly soothing in an "American going around the U.S" would feel like.

Fear and Loathing anyone?

I seem to be meant for driving people around and driving to and fro on adventures where I go. I'm not the most trusting driver but I have a yen for adventure and a smell for the open road.

Who wants to go out west?

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