Wednesday, June 10, 2009

album appreciation: devotchka

current tune: "New World" by: DeVotchka

If you fell in love with the soundtrack from "Little Miss Sunshine" you will fall in love with DeVotchka and their unique sounds.

Devotchka is a four member band that uses various instruments and vocals mixing international sounds such as: Romanian, Greek, and Slavic to create their beautiful, almost haunting music. Coming out of Denver, Colorado the group is composed of Nick Urata (who sings, and plays the theremin*, guitar, bouzouki*, piano, and the trumpet), Tom Hagerman (who plays violin, accordian and piano) , Jeanie Schroder (who sings and plays the sousaphone), and Shawn King (who plays percussion and the trumpet), all who are very talented and help to make this band a wonderful mix of creative juice with a healthy helping of goulash.

I absolutely ADORE the sound of the accordion and the baltic sounds it makes me think of. (Whenever I hear the accordion I think of France too!)

They've released four albums thus far and one EP, of which I am still acquiring.

happy listening!

is an early electric musical instrument controlled without contact from the player and is named after Leon Theremin.
*bouzouki: is a stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and a long neck.

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