Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Like most girls who are always looking for new styles, innovations, change is needed! I thus decided to give myself a little trim and bangs again! I'm later thinking on an angular cut that I might have the assistance of a salon professional. None the less, when I cut my own hair for a different change, it gives me a sense of liberation. I am choosing my own actions and proceeding. It's a great feeling.And I acquired a fresh new pair of mulberry converse!
They're a different color than I would have chosen, if there were more of an option....but they are growing on me! They're bold in their own way. Slightly sarcastic mixed with artisticly-punk-icons. For anyone who knows me, they know my classic blacks traveled all over Europe and back. I hope you have a similar beloved piece of shoe-love.

I'm also thinking about painting them and putting my own design into my shoes. I've always wanted to do it, and never had the courage to do so. So, now is a perfect time than any to do so!
I was thinking white, black, and baby blue. Possibly another pastel color? I'll do a little research and post some good inspirations.

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While in a class today I looked up some links randomly on methods to become a positive person with a positive outlook on life. I want to stay positive through the "living-on-my-own-for-the-first-time experiences I have had, and keep positive through the stress of class and my life. Here's a wiki I found with some insight.

Next on the list is meditation....and hopefully a weekend home to see my family and possibly a camping trip with my artist in two weeks.Doesn't this little clay Totoro just make you all warm inside?

the shelf that caroline built

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Yesterday, while looking for plastic milk crates at Target I stumbled on cheap, DIY shelves. I figured for $20 I could construct this shelving unit without too much difficulty and house my numerous books, sketchbooks, notebooks, and random books I keep acquiring. As of yesterday I have not put together a particle board shelf. As of today I will think twice when I make a purchase like this again.
One cut thumb and about 6 hours later I had it built.

Shelf: 3

Caroline: 5 I feel quite accomplished after this was finished, and happy that I did not let a piece of espresso covered particle board get the best of me. As for the thought of purchasing any IKEA furniture for my flat.....that might have to wait.

Why is it that DIY things like this never go as smoothly as you plan while you're in the store?
Maybe it would have been easier, and more cost efficient to simply just get lumber cut and use the old hammer and nails.

I was also contemplating on painting it. As an artist, and just a creative individual in general, I feel the need to make everything my own. I'm sure you can relate, and even experience the exact same feeling. Maybe a bold funky teal or bright color associated with India or another exotic country will make a good statement. Or a collage of magazine/collected images?

We'll see what happens. Good or bad, I put a shelf together by myself and without the help of a man.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall reading

New font = exciting!

I am very bogged down with my workload senior year as an artist just trying to get her BA. Though currently I am working on an illustration about censorship in the media (possible topic of usage in senior paper...!!) and am all out of my usual monochromatic friend, my classic sharpie markers.

Though I haven't been taking too much time to search for fantastic artistic inspiration to share, I have been nibbling at various books, and am also very guilty of picking up a new book when the one I was currently reading isn't finished yet.

These are some of the lovelies in my life at the moment:
The Essence of Self-Realization
Though, I was told this book is not the most reliable on the subject of self-realization, I am enjoying it and will be using it as a precursor to expanding more on the subject.

The Cheese Monkeys
This is a fantastic book I picked up at my local Salvation Army for $2.00! It's about a college freshman going into art school in the 1950's and it is quite enjoyable to spend some time reading.

Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being
This was put on the list because although it is one of my textbooks, I have felt like I have learned the most from this text than any other in my experience of liberal arts. It's liberal and heavy reading, but very informational.

I wish I had more time to produce the art that has been hibernating in my head since summer, but there's little time with work, papers, and all else in the academic world.

It's officially 11:38pm and I am craving a new pack of Sharpies.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

back in action!

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So, it's been quite some time! I had to take some time off because I did not have a dependable source of internet, and was too busy with other pressing things to take the time to blog...sadly.

But, here's to a new start up!

New inspiration, new finds, and of course new adventures!

Though this may be like any other autumn for a good majority of people, it is my last fall semester before I earn my BFA in Studio Art with minor concentrations in Art History and Fashion Design. I will have completed my 4 years of college and will be a different person since I began this small milestone in my life.

I'll be keeping updates on my current work. New drawings and illustrations, ideas and inspiration for my upcoming Senior show/project in spring....and on inspiration for my "capstone" paper.

I've done a lot of growing up this summer with my new companion, Nick, and I'm not finished yet!

So, from now on I'll be updating my blog with tidbits, movie trailers, and a taste of my artwork!

here's to a fresh new week!

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