Friday, June 12, 2009

today my heart swings

current tune: "Black Cat John Brown" by: Alamo Race Track

Sometimes I wish I could stop time...or at least slow it down. Slow it down for those lazy mornings under the covers without any motivation to begin the day outside of the comfort of the bed that is under you. Brewing coffee at 10:30 in the morning and cooking breakfast when everyone around you is having lunch. I like starting my day off with breakfast foods, even if it isn't breakfast time.

I want to bottle my feelings and experiences and preserve them in a cold cellar for those off-days.

I want to re-live these enjoyable moments that wash over me.

I want to film those special random moments that could appear in an indie flick when I say, "We're living in a moment."
Those are words I want to be remembered by.

this picture made me smile. it was one of those random finds on google images that I leaf through until I find an image of inspiration for the moment

We're all living in a moment.

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