Sunday, June 14, 2009

r-r-retro-active sunday

current tune: "Chinese Children" by: Devandra Beinhart

I had a lovely little outing with my two good friends I have not seen in quite some time! We met in Central Square at a cute simplistic diner called "Good Golly's" off of I-81 North. It was nice sitting in a diner and catching up with Gracie-lou and Kari. I wish I were able to see them more. It seems the more you grow older the more you just look to summer as a continued working season, instead of all that summer-love you had for it as a child.We had a small lunch and I drank my ice water with two daisies in it, that kari picked for me before I met up with her.

I followed Kari to her abode to meet her mom, brew some coffee, and catch up some more. It was simple. It was delightful.

I stopped at a small vendor on the way out of Central Square to buy some fresh local strawberries (which were later given to homeless man by Carousel Mall). The next stop was the local Wal-Mart to find a new labret stud for my lip, then to Carousel to get a seamless hoop for my nose. I just can't get away from Wal-Mart's; there's an odd Americana-comfort with them, that I am guilty of supporting.

I miss my camera (more than ever) now. I really enjoy updating my blog with images to go along with my anectdotes. Unfortunately I do not have the money to have it sent back into Canon to get serviced you'll all just have to imagine the stories I tell!

Today was a great retro day for me driving with loud 1970's music and retro attire. I complimented the hot summer day with a white shirt (with ruffles in the front) that my old British roomie Charlie gave to me, bright green, white, and blue checked high waisted shorts, a brown belt, and my brown Birkenstock wannabe sandels.
I think I turned a couple heads today with the outfit.

People should really embrace their own style more often.
It's fun.

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Francie. said...

hahah. sounds like you love the retro