Sunday, June 21, 2009

bonne l'anniversaire

current tune: "Rabbit Habits" by: Man Man

Every year you grow older, wiser, mature more, and learn more. You have experiences that shape you and your outlook on life. I am officially one year older and spent my small celebration among close childhood friends (and boyfriend) in a historical town in New York State.

I met my friend Jen (whom I've been best friends with since 2nd grade with Girl Scouts) and her, Nick, and I drove to Saratoga to meet Desiree (whom I've known since kindergarten, GS's, and numerous camping trips) to go out to dinner, drink, and have a good time all while catching each other up. It's funny how Desi and I only see each other once a year now and still remain close through our mannerisms, style, taste, and our friendship. I'm happy for it!

The night was full of beer, beer pong, smoking, chocolate covered almond biscotti, a buzzed trip to Stewart's for good ice-cream, dinner at Sushi Thai, and two bar stops. The bars weren't as hopping as I'd thought they'd be through the multiple times I've walked by them and pined to be a part of it all. I did snag a book of matches, and did have a beer on Caroline St. in Saratoga.

The night went on with a garage party with Desi and her friends until I crashed (as usual) into sleepiness. But, at least I did not spill anything while intoxicated!

I'm happy the day went well, and my weekend. I'm thankful for seeing my good friends and sad I couldn't see everyone. I miss my hometown and the surrounding counties so much, and when I come back I automatically get back into that groove and pine for it even more. Central New York just isn't the same as the Northeast.


Shanna McKay* said...

OH MY GOD YOU DIDN'T SPILL ANYTHING!!!??? my little girl really is growing up <3

Gracie said...

Did you get my Birthday Voicemail??? :D