Wednesday, June 10, 2009

up, down, and all around

current tune: "How It Ends" by: DeVotchKa

I am currently home....for the night and night only. Tomorrow I'll be waking up with the sun and on the road back to Cazenovia by 6am for my internship and then work. Am I beat...? Yes.

I drove back to my home town to see my grandmother and to talk about my European adventures to her and the small senior citizens group she is a part of with her church in Northville, NY. I had no problem doing this for her, and enjoyed making the little old ladies smile, it was just taxing on me with driving.

Just to let you know I am NOT a good driver. As I'm sure my friends can vouch that at least one point in their lives, while driving with me, they felt un-trusting of my driving skills....I don't blame them. And yet I am always driving to and fro and all over....! Displaced karma maybe?

I'm excited to sleep in a real bed again in such a long time. It's pretty silly how many things we take for granted in our lives that I am realizing. A real bed, food always stocked in the fridge, reliable internet, toilet paper, bathroom availability, parking, finances, and vaccuum cleaners. I am very sure there are more things to add to this list, but those are just a handful.

Earlier last week I spent a night in my car in a parking area with Nick, a sleeping bag and a sea of comforter. It was a very interesting experience. Though many may condone this action, I encourage it. I am not homeless, but I do believe there are certain experiences in life that we can only truely understand through experiencing them ourselves, so I did. It will be an adventure that I'll be doing more.

I hope I can walk away from this summer and realize that I accomplished a lot. And that the things I experienced helped to make me a more understanding better individual.

It's amazing how creative you can be with little money and your surroundings.

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Gracie said...

I actually love spending the night in cars! The problem is...there's hardly any free parking (for the night at least) anywhere any more. :(