Friday, June 26, 2009

good times with good music

current tune: "I can't get next to you" by: The Temptations

I've been on many an adventure the past couple of days throughout Syracuse with my friend (and basically neighbor) Angie, and her roomie Joe. I'm back and things finally seem to be picking up and falling into place. And I'm thankful!

Thursday was full of more job hunting, interesting finds, public assistance forms, and an eventful night.

My friend Angie and her roomie Joe are these cute indie kids who have more music in their house than food. That is when you know you've got passion.

"I'd rather die listening to good music."

I spent the day galavanting with Angie in the hopes of finding somewhere in the area that was looking for help. Later that night Angie went to a show to see a Texan band called "The New Science Projects" while Joe and I made dinner, had wine and Strongbow (!!!) while listening to sweet vintage music on both mixed cd's and mix tapes. The night was spent on Angie's front stoop smoking cigarettes, making new friends and discussing life. A fantastic past time for the starving artist.

There is nothing that I love more than to talk with people and listen to good mixtapes on a summer evening.
(except if camping were involved)

For any of those who are not familiar with Strongbow, it is a British hard cider that is fabulous!
It was a favorite (hands down) among my friends and I in England

Later that night Angie invited one of the band members over to crash and we all oreos and beer, cigarettes and good conversation, and had a relaxing great night among friends of similar interests and present financial status.

I would love to post photos of Angie's rad flat, like my international family flat, she too found all her furniture curbside, only with more of a retro appeal. It's cool sharing a bond and love for old discarded things in a world of constant materialism. Plus she just picked up a faded old 1930's theatre couch that is the bomb digity! (Yes...I said bomb digity...)

I hope to have more adventures with Angie and Joe to come!
Possibly more grilled cheese and beer nights, or just dinner and music on her front stoop.

These are the moments that make feel alive as a 20-something trying to survive in America.

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Shanna McKay* said...

For the record, I was a Scrumpy Jack girl all the way ;) But since that's never on draft anywhere, Strong Bow was definitely the close second