Saturday, June 20, 2009

party hardy, love

current tune: "Get Down Tonight" by: KC and the Sunshine Band

I am home for the weekend, and even though that is reason enough to celebrate, it's my birthday as well! So, like any other American girl on the cusp of being "legal" and an "adult" I went drinking and celebrated right at midnight properly with a mixed drink in a clear plastic cup just so I could get my coveted wristband to represent my age.

I met my old friend Jordan, our friend Tanner, both of their younger sister's and boyfriends, and my new boyfriend Nick at the Caboose in Gloversville for the annual "Caboose Block Party." The night started off like a pity party when the people at the door realized I had 2 1/2 hours before I could legally drink. Locally they pitied me into saving me $15 for the "over 21 price."

The night was full of smoking, drinking, dancing, catching up with old high school friends, and living for the moment. It was really fun, in a bar with other white trash townies. Oh, Gloversville....

We ended the night, of course, with a stop at the neighboring "greasy spoon" in Johnstown (our rival town) at the Miss Johnstown Diner. A hugh plate of greasy fries and a sleepy drive to drop everyone off was the ending to my eventful night.

Tonight I'll be in Saratoga, NY to celebrate my birthday proper with two friends I have known since kindergarten, one of which I only see once a year. I'm looking forward to another funky night!

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Shanna McKay* said...

NEW BOYFRIEND!!?? goodness woman fill me in.