Monday, June 29, 2009

jazzy tunes

current tune: "In This City" by: Enon

Saturday night Nick and I attended the Syracuse Jazzfest held at OCC. We showed up late, I guess to maybe wait out for Kenny G? This was a guy that I knew nothing about....little did I know that he plays soft soft core jazz and basically is the music for any Holiday Inn I've ever been in. Oh, Kenny G, you are something.

It was comical watching the 30-middle age women swoon over his "Sideshow Bob" appearance, long locks of curl hair, and his saxophone playing. He wasn't as bad as everyone told me he'd be. He was talented, good at times (Nick and I enjoyed the latin music the best), and good comic relief.

The place was packed when we got there, and had attracted a whopping 40-50,000 people to the Jazzfest as a whole. We parked ourselves on a small hill with Pete's infamous mult-purpose blanket and poked fun at the experience we were having and enjoyed fireworks from the comfort of warmth and a flask of rum.

After the concert was winding down, I decided to wait until the crowd left to pick up empty returnables for gas money and pocket money. This turned into me just grabbing garbage bags from wherever and racing to pick up discarded cans and bottles from all over! (I've finally started bringing them back after the smell of stale beer started occupying the backseat of my Merc.) Money is money when it comes down to it, and yes, I am willing to garbage pick.

The experience was a fun one none-the-less. Both Nick and I had a good time for a free and enjoyed each others company for something cheap to do in Syracuse.

I enjoy these random expeditions that turn out to be a good experience. I'll be working again at my new job, which I can enlighten you all about a bit later. And will hopefully get back on track with my right now rocky life.


Shanna McKay* said...

I KNEW IT!! simply by dropping Pete's name, all my hunches of this Nick character have been confirmed. Now you need to enlighten me as to how this all rolled about =)

If my hunches continue to be right, I have a feeling I played a minor part in this...

Caroline said...

...oh did you now? Do tell, shannalove!

Shanna McKay* said...
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Shanna McKay* said...

I believe we had a conversation about a certain something on the way home from shitty south campus night, I believe Pete was mentioned, and I casually dropped that I knew where Pete was getting the certain something. I believe from there you may or may not have pursued the source. Enter the new beau ;) Although I'm sure there was conversations and a mutual connection in between there somewhere hehe

Caroline said...

Well, you guessed it, though it wasn't too hard. I want to fill you on the rest when I see you next!

Bottom line is I'm happy!


Shanna McKay* said...

and that bottom line is all I could ever hope for you <3