Thursday, May 14, 2009

you're a hot, hot mess

current tune: "Black Balloon" by: The Kills

My internet completely blows. My connection is barely slow enough to log me on to facebook, and takes its sweet time when loading blogger. How long am I going to be here...? Oh, right......Now I know how REAL people feel. I'm living off of stolen internet. Slow stolen internet.

And, I have no cell phone signal in my room...

I realize these are setbacks I can get over as time passes on. It is simply just locating the motivation to become an everyday commuter to my internship, then working like a dog at my minimum-wage paying occupation, then driving home to sleep so I can wake up and do it all over again. Do you choose a life of calculated mundane qualities or do you ignore the fact it is so routine and blow it all off to forget everything with good bud and good friends?

I've seen Bill, Rob, and Mike. And somehow through the mix I'll be forcing myself to better get acquainted with the highways, intersections, and streets of Syracuse, NY.

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