Sunday, May 17, 2009

an ode to a captain

current tune: "Notice" by: Gomez

I rented "Persepolis" last night with Matthew (after I could not locate "Eraserhead" and Blockbuster failed to be....uhhh....anything. I loathe Blockbuster and other high corporate movie rental places like this around the county. They boast they have every movie under the sun that you'll need. Do you know why...? Because they would rather purchase C-rated straight-to-dvd horror flicks then actually investing in classics.

When I asked the rather chubby sales associate, he slightly turned his head to the side and asked me if I had the title right. Thanks! I then realized that they didn't have any movies before 1990's excluding the occasional '80's cult classic like the Breakfast Club.

Why am I ranting on Blockbuster? Because my favorite locally and privately owned video rental store just recently went out of business and I am beyond saddened. Captain Video had every video I have ever looked for (all old releases are always $1.00). Captain Video you will missed ever so much, and now I'll have to subscribe to Netflix like every other white picket fence American.

I am rather bitter about the whole ordeal, but it was a small tradition to rent from this small rental place. I used to walk or ride my bike with friends to grab late night movies. It was local, cheap, and wonderfully iconic. Kevin Smith would certainly approve.

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