Saturday, May 23, 2009

orange you trendy

current tune: "Snakes and Lions" by: Melno Mene

My first house guests came by last night and helped me feel more settled and optimistic about the apartment on Westcott. The night had many ups and downs consisting of locating bandaids in the basement convenient store up the street, having a conversation with a drunk heart broken man on the street, picking up a sweet black chair and cushions off the curb, and enjoying the after affects of many an assisted friend. All served with lots of incense.

Last night was one full of signs and inspiration. On a subconscious note, everything last night was orange themed. Being the broke college student that I am living in central New York by myself I don't have much to offer in the forms of food, and lodging. This of course just makes life more interesting and unique.

The orange themed night went as follows:

Tang (mixed in a coffee pot because I do not own a pitcher as of yet)
Macaroni & Cheese (the cheapest variety - so cheap you can taste the difference and still appreciate it for its cheapness)
Resevoir Dogs (Mr. Orange)
Orange Juice (vitamin C)

All of this was not planned and just escalated as it went. I think it just adds flair to the night.
After Resevoir Dogs we found a lonely heart broken man trying to make his way home. I don't know the full details of his life or if he really was that drunk at all, but it felt good to connect with him sitting on the backside of a building with two of my friends (no, I was not alone).

I had the chance to sit down with my other roomie, who is from Columbia. It feels so much better to talk with her in person. She's older than me and so much more knowledgable and experienced with schooling, that she's an inspiration living so far from home to pursue a better future.

I'm out a toaster. I'm thinking I might make grilled cheese for breakfast for my guests.
Play the orange theme a bit longer.

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