Thursday, May 14, 2009

album appreciation: lenka

current tune: "Bring Me Down" by: Lenka

I would like to keep up with a routine with my blog from a week to week basis. I thought maybe that music would be up my alley for love and that I could start with sharing the music that moves me.

You may have heard a bit of Lenka on VH1 as she is getting bigger over in the U.S. Lenka, Lenka Kripac, is an Australian television actress with a sweet voice and cute picturesque lyrics. I personally enjoy her music as easy listening in the car, or in my room. It's easily optimistic background music and an all-age listening category. She has won a spot both in my itunes and an artist I go to frequently to listen to.

Her first self-titled album contains 11 songs and was originally released in 2008.

visit her more at:

I am going to try and keep up with new updated albums (both newly released and old) of music that moves me. Check out new updates every Thursday!


Shanna McKay* said...

... I know her!! (??) did you play her stuff in England? Would I know her from there?

Caroline said...

Yeah! I probably did. I think I found out about her while I was over there. She's great.