Wednesday, May 20, 2009


current tune: "Fel Del Av Gården" by: Movits!

I am back in central New York again.

Currently at Dave's Diner in Cazenovia enjoying the conversation of a French family to my right, a good lunch, and wonderful wifi.

I'll be catching up with my weekend and photos/adventures that were had. I wanted to share a particular photo I took on my boyfriend's iPhone. It was perfect. We were in Saratoga for the afternoon and stumbled on a huge overhead door painted bright teal. I was in love.

This is me.
Brightly colored doors/walls are an oddity that attracts me.
And an iced coffee.

I think a coffee book of brightly colored doors/walls would be fabulous!
I already have a great photo, thanks to my photo-savvy friend Shanna, in Ireland and now this!

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