Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'll have the house tossed salad

current tune: "Rocker" by: Alter Ego

I'm surviving another grueling week of full school-days at my internship during the day and working the night shift at McDonald's....yes, that's right I work for corporate America...please don't remind me. It's already Thursday and the weekend is almost here! yes!

Yesterday I walked in my flat after I returned from work and my daily commute to see that I would be having more roommates and possibly children moving in. I was a little caught off guard and a tad uncomfortable at the thought of a family living in one bedroom and six people sharing one tiny flat in Syracuse. But tonight those worries were eased to a kind Indian woman who is a passionate vegetarian.

I met the mother of the small family living with me and my other roommate, Yazmin, today when I got out of work and am so blessed and thankful that she is the way she is. She moved here from Alaska and other travels supporting her husband and their growing family. She is a gorgeous tiny woman from India who is delightfully welcoming, inviting, and kind. I briefly saw her adorable sleeping children and half-asleep husband after I spoke with her and after she offered to cook me some delish vegetarian dishes she learned from home. I am in love!

Despite the fact that I am working constantly and hardly in the flat, I am so happy that I am living with good people in a small space, and oddly with international roommates. This theme must have continued on after my semester abroad in Canterbury, England when I had two British roommates and two Slovakian roommates. I hope I can learn a lot from these new people I meet and enjoy the time I have in Syracuse with this dysfunctional odd little family that has been created on Westcott St.

I'll try and keep new adventures posted, and especially new experiences I have with this new family of mine.

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