Sunday, May 24, 2009

cooking up a pot of html

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A lot of friends are coming, or have been in the blogging scene and I thought I would share some of the websites and tutorials on how I worked a bit on my blog.

I do realize it will be a LONG time before my blog looks professional when I keep doing it myself, but it's trial and error situation that I learn from each step of the way.

The first site I used was The Blog Doctor. I liked this site, but after trying to re-do things multiple times over I got fed up and began searching for new tutorials.

The second I used was Three Column Blogger. I liked this tutorial a bit better and it was easier for me, personally, to follow along while I was completing the steps. I wish I knew a friend who could just create a gorgeous blog for me, but this also makes me feel good tackling the mysterious html codes.

I have no knowledge to html, so don't even bother asking. I am an old-school-hand-drawing-kind of girl.

I hope this helps....a little.

Bonne chance!

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