Monday, May 11, 2009

moving on

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I'm prolonging the inevitable. I'm scared to live in Syracuse so far from everyone.

This weekend allowed me to enjoy my home and hometown. I live in a small city that is poor-white trash-ish-old, yet full of potential and history. I can walk to my neighborhood dunkin' donuts, go for a hot dog and fries at Dean's Dogs (Matt eating the hot dog, and me the fries) all while simply cutting through the neighborhood elementary school. My city is cut up with sidewalks for easy walking and almost 1950's where the houses all have front yards, driveways, and terraces. My neighborhood isn't a sterile development, but merely a living family neighborhood were landscaping is done by the family and swingsets decorate the backyards.

I remember playing street hockey in the street with my best friend Jennifer when I was younger. First Avenue had the oldest, best asphalt in the city!

I am scared to move on because I miss the everyday comforts I know so well. But I know this is better for me and will teach me new things, I will meet new people, and most importantly have new adventures.

The old Glove Theatre on our Main St.

On a different note, it is spring. And I get the itch to get a part of my body pierced. Last spring it was my nose, then towards the end it was my lip. As of yesterday it was my 5th hole in both my ears. And all though it does not sound appealing to most, I enjoy the slight body modifications. Next year I am going to start designing my half sleeve I would like to get in memory of my grandfather who passed away from Parkinson's at the begining to my freshman year in college, and a memorial to his profession, nature, and my family tradition of camping and the love of outdoors.

Tomorrow will be another drive on the thruway out west to Syracuse by myself and then the start of a new life (for the summer). I hope I am inspired and learn a lot through this experience. And get to more aquainted with the depths of this salt city.
in front of the old Westcott cinema.


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