Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a new nest

current tune: "Bang Bang" by: Nancy Sinatra
(to go along with the Kill Bill movie-theme I've been going on recently)

I have yet to spend a night in my new room, but I took a nap in it. I'm trying to settle in to my new nest and get acquainted with everything.

Things I have learned about my new nest:

- I'm so close to the road that all I can hear is traffic. An annoyance now, but something I'm sure I'll get used to and just drown out.

-I'm going to have to rely on the wifi of the upstairs tenants for my interweb needs.

-The microwave in the dining room is not to be trusted.
(I've already blown through two bags of burnt popcorn)

-I need to purchase an inflatable mattress.
(The mat is too low to the ground and it's rather cold)

-Where are my roomies?
(I wish I could meet them to get squared away about space)

I'm still not comfortable with it as of yet, but I haven't spent a night here. Last night I crashed on Bill's couch after a late night munchie Denny's run, which made me feel more like a nomad. I think this nomadic feeling won't be leaving for awhile as I commute from Cazenovia to Syracuse.

Hopefully I'll get pictures up once someone comes to visit with a working digital camera since mine is still dead.

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