Sunday, May 17, 2009

some traditions will always be classy

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This evening was a special occasion, and to celebrate like any other traditional middle-class American family, we celebrate by going out to dinner together. My younger sister is having her confirmation tomorrow at the Auriesville Shrine, so we went out as a congratulatory celebration...of the low key variety.

How American.

My sister picked out the Raindancer in Amsterdam. It's classy...but does not have much of the "non meat" selection. In fact it was tough enough looking through the menu trying to find a handful of dishes that weren't accompanied by a meat product. It was a nice small dinner for my mom, dad, sister, my two grandmothers, and my grandfather. I sometimes forget how typically traditional my family gets at times. Sometimes it makes me smile, and sometimes it irks me.

My sister, Joan.
I realized today just how stylish she is becoming as she grows up.
I hope the best for her.

I only eat at this particular restaurant on rare occasions: family anniversaries, MORP (my senior prom, which is way more casual than my junior PROM), and celebratory family dinners. It's nice, but kind of snooty restaurant for the area it is located in.

Of course I had dessert after my salad and small dinner. And it was a classic.

All in all it was a nice occassion. It wasn't going to Denny's or Ponderosa (both of which I do induldge in from time to time when I want good cheap food). Despite all our individual schedules, my family could still make time to meet.

For dinner.

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