Saturday, May 16, 2009

great finds at great prices

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Yesterday, after my cup of coffee, I ventured down Erie Blvd. with my merc and my music to locate amazing finds at the DeWitt Salvation Army. This particular Salvation Army has to be one of the largest and most diverse ones that I have encountered. As I can not classify myself as a Salvy-connoisseur I do know a good Salvy when I see it.

I love walking around the department-like store and searching for things that go with my taste and things that just stand out in general. There's always new items every time I go in, and always new treasures to contemplate over. A trip to Salvy is unpredictable, because you'll always see different people that come from different homes and backgrounds. I think this is an aspect of the Salvation Army I like the most. No one discriminates, and for the most part, people are polite, humble, and full of character.

Bottom line: I stumbled on some finds that made my day.

This is my favorite find and something that immediately stood out to me amongst the other miscellaneous items there. I enjoyed carrying my new craft around the store before I nestled it in the small noisy cart I had.

Two lovely old 7-up glasses

a rad bright yellow waist belt

and a very comical vintage 1986 sweatshirt from Phoenix, NY
(I hope my friend Kari sees this because this is the town she moved to from Florida)

Do I look ridiculous in this...? Yes.
Do I enjoy it...? Heck yes!
(a sneak peek at the look at my family's retro kitchen at home)

I love second hand things. They were loved in their prime, and still loved even after their first owners.

Besides, character is a great trait.

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Gracie said...

omg I love that sweatshirt! Thrift stores are amazing yes?? I miss you babe and I love reading your blog! <3