Friday, May 15, 2009

waking up the right way

current tune: "Cheap and Cheerful" by: The Kills

Today started off slow and nice. I spent my first full "good" night at the apartment. My back is slowly getting used to the "bed" I'm using. For all those who are curious, my bed is a foam mat and a sleepingbag at the moment. I woke up to sunshine, took a shower, got dressed, and packed up my computer to go to Recess for good free wifi and fresh coffee. Plus it would hurt to be seen amongst the locals as a cute indie girl.

My laptop is happily streaming wifi with a better connection than the one I receive in my room and the coffee is both free trade and delish! I am having a great morning!!

Recess Coffee was one of those places I knew about for a long time (ever since I started going in to Boom Babies) but never went over to check it out. With the recommendation from a talented professor, Sanders, I will now be frequenting this place when I can.

the outside, off of Westcott St.

a bit of the inside (where I'm currently occupying)

I'm going to finish the adorable mug of coffee that is patiently sitting on my right and indulge in my free wifi for a bit longer. Salvation Army and work call my name and adventures await!

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