Thursday, May 21, 2009

a musical connection

current tune: "Love in a Trash can" by: The Raveonettes

I'm on a bit more sleep than yesterday, just got out of my internship (art teacher-apprentice-experience-with the local Cazenovia elementary school), and sitting in the back of Dave's Diner again enjoying the connection between an old man and a young man. They're sitting in the corner in front of a large round wooden table. The kind with dings, dents, and scars all from love. The older man is playing an electric guitar hooked to a tiny amp while the young man is playing with him on a nice acoustic guitar. They're both facing each other as the older man tries to teach the younger about 3-chords.

I'm basking in their connection of similar interests.

This is a spontaneous post all from observation as it's happening.

(random picture that attracted me and like the fit)

I'm witnessing magi

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