Sunday, January 4, 2009

a new start!

Current tune: "Lucky Today" by: Cloud Cult

warning!! long post ahoy!

The New Year's came and went and I had a very good one in Albany. I had a party with Matt (and his roommates) in his flat with some of our friends from high school and other friends in Albany/ Apple employees.

Sublime, and The Beatles were played and all my food was a big hit! Everyone loved my paper pirate New Year's hats as well! Also! To all my British folk out there....I had Strongbow again! Matt located a place in Albany that sells imported beer, so he grabbed some for me. It was so delish! I had the chance to have a bit of my England back with me!

New Year's Day was spent going to a '50's-esque diner in Albany and in Schenectady with Matt's aunt and cousins that are still up from Texas. Where I was inspired to make some art! Of...the modern variety....I suppose....

"we're all mad here."

We stopped at Colony Center to look about in Barnes & Nobles before going to see The Spirit. I was overjoyed by the bright and very cute wallpaper in the hallway before the restrooms; which equaled an opportune photo op!

Matt looked really good against the cute background.

Then we had some fun finding things at his aunt's!

We found a sweet gas mask!

I found this as well! It's the flying spaghetti monster at his best! I fell in love with this picture and want a copy of my own! I thought it was sooooo great!!

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Cloud Cult was a band I actually just found today while I was watching Die Hard 3 on tv; it was on a Progressive Insurance commercial.

So, I thought I would do some poking around on to check them out.

A seven member band, as many indie bands forming seem to be quite large, from Minnesota with a folksy sounding and almost hippie-jam band-like.

Here's there myspace :

happy listening!

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