Thursday, January 15, 2009

movie: gran torino

current tune: "Like a Rolling Stone" by: Bob Dylan

Last night Matt, Guiley (one of our apple employee friends), and I went to colony center to go and see "Gran Torino" staring Clint Eastwood. Now, with a badass name like Clint Eastwood, the movie has got to be worth a viewing. All three of us really enjoy Eastwood and think he is an exceptional actor, so we were excited to see his latest film!

In my opinion, this was a fan-fucking-tastic movie! It was real, gritty, emotional, and filmed amazingly well. The story can easily be related to real life with all the characters and present conflicts, and of course the audience falls in love with Clint Eastwood all over again.

For me, on a personal level, Clint Eastwood is the spitting image of my full-blooded Italian grandfather, and the character Eastwood created for himself was as if he playing my grandfather (without the guns and violence). His demeanor, his characteristics, his morals, everything reminded me of him, whom I love, and it helped me relate to his character even more.

I love Mr. Eastwood, who reminds me a lot of the great Paul Newman, who are both extraordinary gentlemen.

The trailer gives me chills every time I watch it and almost makes me want to cry, I suppose as a method of catharsis, but also because these very issues are going on in the world today.

The movie is well worth the viewing and I would recommend it to anyone!

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