Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend adventures!

current tune: "The way we get by" by: Spoon

How I love tiny-almost-forgotten-small-population towns!

Matt and I went to Westernville to spend a weekend with his grandmother and family. It's the experience where too many people are over for the amount of bedrooms there are so there's people sleeping over place on sofa's and random mattresses everywhere! Boards games, and children helping to make food are expected, and there's always a hungry mouths to feed.

comfort food!

I spent the weekend cooking, as I do every time I go up to Westernville. Saturday night I had the chance to test out my pizza dough slapping skills and made three pizza pies. It was the kindf dinner where you allow the smallest members of a family help with the preparation and cooking of the meal; followed by bakes chocolate chip cookies!

I also had the luxury of swimming with Matt in their pool. It's a hand-built homemade pool from the 1970's constructed by two past architects...aka Matt's late grandpa and his grandma. Despite the fact that there's an economic recession, and unemployment is increasing in their family, spoiling the family children by heating the pool for a short period of time every couple of years is a must! It's small in size, and random in disfunctional house, but a treat and an adventure!

hello there, scuba steve!

One of the best finds this weekend was the playing the first version of Oregon Trail! Matt and I found the original Macintosh version on the internet and played it for the first time in almost a decade! It brought back memories of elementary school, and was so exciting to play on the 2D small graphics game!

true love.

I return to school in a short while, and am both excited and not at the same time. I'll be balancing my hectic life once again, while also trying to be crafty and artsy, when projects are not due!

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