Thursday, January 8, 2009

building a card army

current tune: "Baby I'm Yours" by: Math And Physics Club

I've been bumbling around the house while the weather has been not-so welcoming outside. To counteract my failed soup from last week....a failed cheesy potato chowder....I decided to go out and hit up the grocery store to make a tried-and-true favorite, chili!

I made a big batch of meat chili for my family and Matthew's family and a little veggie batch with Morning Star meat substitute crumbles for myself!

I love cooking especially with so many vegetables! If I could I would put as many veggies as possible in my chili! This time, it was only red peppers, green peppers, sweet onions, green onions, chopped tomatoes, and four different beans (pinto, kidney;etc.) The more veggie goodness in one batch, the better!

On a different note, I've been going strong on my chipper little hello cards! My goal is to have a batch of at least 50 so that I can separate them in 10 counts with a sweet ribbon and possibly simple white stationary boxes. Today, I managed to pump out 30 and I still want to go strong! Maybe when I finish this batch, I'll move on to "thank you" cards or "thanks" for short.

hello! the start of a good thing.

Of course I kept myself partially occupied with all my cutting and gluing with of my family's personal classics, "My Neighbor Totoro." This movie has been with my family for a very long time, so of course I could do my work and knew i wouldn't be missing anything I couldn't recite on my own. It's such a warm and fuzzy movie, that it made me feel good watching it as I crafted in my family's livingroom.

" you're really a totoro?"

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