Friday, January 9, 2009

good morning juice

current tune: "Ice cream" by: New Young Pony Club

Today's day was spent with the productive prosper of cleaning, laundry, sorting, and baking! The skies were sunny and very welcoming, from the perspective of a cozy home.

good morning juice!

the view from our kitchen window.

After the productiveness, I went up to Northville to visit my very good friend Jordan who is leaving to go back to Oneonta soon. We spent the day with his three silly little dogs and father, baking cookies and enjoying each other's company. We later decided to cook dinner for his family of a homemade fettichini alfredo, veggies, and boneless chicken breast. Jordan taught me how to make my own homemade alfredo sauce, which was sooo delish! I'm happy I learned the simple recipe for further reference.

I'll be spending the weekend in Westernville, NY with Matthew and hopefully hitting up Fayetteville and Syracuse to job hunt before I go back to school next week.

au revoir!

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