Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's preparation!

Current view: Project Runway: season 6

I stayed up late last night getting ready for a small New Year's party at Matt's flat in Albany!

lots of cheese grating!

which was used on top of my homemade taco dip!

a party favorite of piglets in blankies and some home baked herb feta cheese!

After cooking I came up with the idea of applying my newly found skill of paper hat making. So I decided to make pirate paper hats for the party tonight!

hat making: in progress.

"Hello, 2009! You're looking fine..."

I had a little supervisor with all my crafts.
One of my chubby kitties, Ryo-okki.

I've been busy preparing with food and paper hats, so I will be posting the recipe to these little cute party dishes during my next post! I've been making messes and creations since I've been home, so I'm hoping good things will come out of them!

I hope tonight goes swell as everyone celebrates the new year! I enjoy little parties and getting ready for them, so I'm excited!

See you next year!

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