Tuesday, January 20, 2009

decorating a room for one!

current tune: "The Purple Bottle" by: Animal Collective

I confirmed my upcoming classes for this spring semester, went with my friend Kari to the bookstore to drain both savings and all cash from your student wallet. Fortunately for me I did not have to purchase any books to my knowledge yet.....but I will get hit with continuous art supplies as the semester rolls on. So today's purchase was slimmed down to 5 new pigments liners, a 14x17" drawing pad, and a NYLON magazine.

I started the day off in a lazy way of sleeping in, showering, and making coffee with my grandfather's old 1970's mini coffee maker. It is exceptionally petite and does its job! And then proceeded to re-arrange my once previously arranged room again while watching the presidential inauguration streaming online via myspace. I was happy to see our new president!

I enjoy cutting out magazine bits or just pretty photos or advertisements as decorations for my ever blank walls within my dormroom, so I commenced with these lovelies:

and a little decoration for my door. (more in progress)

then I decided to make myself large monthly calenders instead of having the bookstore profit off of something I could create myself.

and this little cutie I found during lunch in the veggie friendly cooler! I just had to grab him!

Today was spent in a slow relaxed sort of manner that will soon be unheard of during the semester, so I am trying to enjoy what I can.

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