Sunday, January 25, 2009

graffiti art all around

current tune: "Come Around" by: MIA featuring Timberland

I feel like I've been vacating a void of un-inspiration and utter blah-ness lately. I did however manage to purchase some new art supplies, and spray paint!!

Here is a look of what I've been getting into:

pretty pastel-like colored goods to hold all my imaginative, random, crazy things!

I picked up some of my favorite spray paint at the Syracuse Commercial Art Supply.
(same brand I used for my Canterbury cart)

While accomplishing some work at the art & design building I stumbled upon Shepard Fairey, the artist who not only created the "Obey Giant" work, but also the "Obama: Hope" pieces as well. I was ecstatic! He is a remarkably awesome political and graffiti artist who I will definitely used as both inspiration and model for upcoming work.

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Gracie said...

hey you sorry I haven't checked your blog in forever! I love all that you've done! so lovely! <3