Thursday, January 15, 2009

first time bubble tea

current tune: "Como Te Extrano" by: Cafe Tacuba

Wednesday, Matthew and I decided to go and try bubble tea! My lovely friend Gracie-lou enjoys it, along with some of our other friends, so we decided to go out and try it. With a name so cute and uppity we thought it would be a splendid idea!

We found the most adorable little tea room on Lark Street in Albany, called The Good Leaf Tea Company. It's small, cozy, intimate, and the tea and little tea-made desserts are both as cute as they are yummy!

there are cute little quirks everywhere!

they even had truffles and chocolates in the shape of buddha!

it was cozy and comfortable!

there were teapots, and loose tea and other accessories as well.

Matt had a bubble tea with milk and tapioca cubes at the bottom and I had a light raspberry bubble tea with coconut cubes! We also split a delish green tea cupcake, which was equally yummy!

the tearoom was altogether quaint, and decorated with a calm pretty atmosphere.

We enjoyed this little tearoom thoroughly and were very happy to have visited this place for our first adventure with bubble tea! I, of course, will be frequenting this place as often as I can when I come to visit Albany with Matt again.

I have friends that would adore this place, and I will hopefully be bringing them in them the summer when they come to visit. We were beginning to think the only tearooms we'd ever find would be in England.

check it out!

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