Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just a simple hello!

current tune: "Sundialing" by: Caribou

The weather seems to have heading back to throwing snow and ice in our direction. With all the bad weather and cold temperatures, I've been staying at home doing some cooking and just trying to keep myself busy.

As usual I busy making a mess in my family's house, on the livingroom floor.

the results came to this:

Little cards with the simple statement of, "hello."

It's so nice getting a little greeting card that is just saying, hello!

I would like to eventually make "thank you" cards like this as well.
I need to start making my list of goals for 2009 that I intend to achieve. One of those will be creating my own etsy shop with the inspiration from wonderful artists online and those around me.

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I've been doing a bit of re-decorating here in the hopes of making it come to together. Unfortunately that means learning to deal with html and computer details.....*sigh*

I'm far from classifying myself from being a computer nerd, so changes will be small and steady and hopefully well received.

much love!

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