Sunday, February 1, 2009

a random way to begin the month

current tune: "Bluish" by: Animal Collective

It has been awhile. As disappointing as it sounds, because everything sounds more dramatic when spoken openly instead of contained within the inner casings of the human mind, I have not been up to anything worth blogging lately. Oh poo.....

I've been trying to get into the swing of a new class schedule, work (again), and my new internship which I'm working on getting started asap! Some little help that is getting me by are: my petite vintage coffee maker from my late grandfather, veggie "bunny" wraps, cheese sandwiches, and stumble.

maybe not as appetizing to some, but it satisfies me, with a side of ranch!

Some good news today, when I was getting ready to journey back to Caz, I stopped over to see my grandparents and was given hand-me-downs from my uncle! My grandmother has inevitably been going through her attic or a forgotten closet and came across these sweet old sweaters my uncle Matt used to wear and love. I'm very excited to wear these cool man sweaters and pair them with some colored tights or leggings.

Speaking of which, if you ever have the urge to wear funky digs and have nothing to add to the flair, or just want to spice up a piece, try one of my little secrets for colored tights! We Love Colors is a straightforward website and is wonderful for finding that specific color tight you've been rummaging for in the racks at H&M, and coming out empty handed. I love this site, and shipping was painless!

Going on with the scatter-ness of this entry I recently stumbled upon this adorable link. For all those who have a love for pugs, or just silly little creatures in general, this will put a smile on your face.


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