Wednesday, December 3, 2008

good food and friends.

Current tune: Paper Planes by: M.I.A.

So I had a busy day ahead of me, and I was well aware of this. I woke up about 7am. Showered. Got dressed and made my way to Shanna's to grab Mandi and Shanna. We had the quest to drop off Mandi's paper for her (because she was too exhausted) so Shanna and I ventured to campus (in the freeeezing cold) to print and hand in our papers. By the time we were printing out Shanna basically read my mind.
"So how about we just hand in our papers and skip?"

So we gave our papers to Amy, a classmate to hand in, and we left to go get some eats. We ate breakfast in the cafeteria and then peaced out. I decided to call it a day (yeah...pretty early). Went up to hand in my final ethics paper (aka slipping it under my professor's door in a cowardly manner). And walking back home.

I went back to sleep...mmm. Of course my roomie walked away ended up waking me up a couple of times so I could e-mail her her paper that she forgot to e-mail herself to print at uni.

I woke back up, got ready, and went to uni for my presentation. The class went the full 3 hours today...lame. Tiring. Boring. Stressful. Each group had to present their presentation, which was on some kind of topic of choice that compared the United kingdom and the United States. Things started off well until the projector broke and no one could use the powerpoints that e had all created for this presentation.

When it was our time to go up Shanna spoke, Gracie spoke, and when I started speaking I was stopped by my professor to tell me I had 3 minutes left of the whole presentation. I started speeding through my information (already very nervous as it was and kind of shaking a bit). As I was stopped again when I was finishing up he told me to immediately conclude. So I was pissed.

"In conclusion Britain has better public transportation than the U.S." The End. And that's all I said.

I was livid. Gracie was livid. And we were mad. Nikita and Jake still had to speak. He rudely rushed us all to make a time limit that everyone else exceeded.

So to make ourselves feel better I invited everyone over to make dinner. Gracie and I went to asda to pick up some frozen pizzas, cheese, and squash (which is a juice concentrate). I cooked mashed potatoes, and a couple of pizzas that were cheese, garlic and cheese, and garlic (for our vegan chickies). We had broccolis, houmous, veggies, crackers, and of course ranch dressing. It was a good little casual dinner night with friends.

I need these nights. I need to cook for people I love. Have conversation. Laugh good and hard. And feel good.

Here in my kitchen: Nikita, Mandi (in motion), Shanna (at her computer), Christina, and smiling Gracie. Erica was m.i.a. for this picture, but she was there for the dinner too!

I'm happy I can have these moments with people.

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