Monday, December 1, 2008

a belated thanksgiving bliss

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So I've been a bit ahead of myself because I've been bad and haven't been writing in my blog. Not that anyone actually follows it, but I guess it's more of an outlet for myself. I've been utterly swamped with papers and academia. Ugh! It's too much for a little art student....I need my paint, my pigment liners, and my life!

Thanksgiving was not spent with my family this year (first time). Instead, it was spent overseas with good friends and good food.

My professor, Mr. Sanders, who came along with us let us do a little grocery shopping for Thanksgiving with this Cazenovia College credit card, compliments of the president of the college. So we went to town and bought a mes of food to feed our American and British friends!

Mandi and Christina began cooking really early in the morning, so that when I woke up and came downstairs the kitchen smelled of turkey and Mandi was already doing preparations. By the time I was settled from going to uni, the library, town, and what not I returned to the flat to assist them in the festivities.

Here's a big of what was going on. Our kitchen is big, but every bit was totally filled with food, cooking, and confusion. It was fun, but a bit stressful.

We had turkey, to-furkey (for Nikita, Gracie, and me!), beans, asparagus, corn, croissants, stuffing, mashed potatoes, wine, mimosas, apple pie, vanilla ice-cream, gravy, and cranberry sauce!

I was happy that we found to-furkey and that I could experience that this year. This is my first vegetarian Thanksgiving, and it went really well. I'm glad I'll be able to join in with my family, when I return, for next year's Thanksgiving with this little veggie secret.

Here was our lovely to-furkies. Photo compliments of Shanna McKay

After we ate and every got changed (and I colored my hair) we all walked down the road aways to our favvvorite pub in Canterbury, called the Jolly Sailor.

Blackie, captain and owner of the pub, greeted us with American flags, apple pie, American football, and dressed as a pilgrim. Not to mention a deal of my faves....rum and coke!

Photo compliments of Shanna (again). I used a lot of her photos because I didn't take a lot that night.

Blackie was really happy to celebrate his first Thanksgiving, as were all our British friends, with us.

So we spent the night there. Shanna and Nikita had to leave early to catch a bus to
Paris. Mandi lost her camera (which was devestating and wretched) because someone took it after it was commenced dead. I had a intellectually stimulating conversation with my professor about life, Nietzche, the homeless, the terrorism in India, art, coffee shops, veggie food, and life in general. I was in heaven! I have always wanted to have a cool relationship with a professor that you could just talk about anything with.

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velvetcake said...

Maybe I didn't properly illustrate the finer points of the 'you send me a message and I'll comment on your blog' plan. Cause my inbox reads zero new messages.
That wasn't the deal Locatelli. I'm putting you on my grumpy face list.

Also, being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving is like a Jew eating a Christmas tree... I dare you to make sense out of that.