Tuesday, December 9, 2008

badger, badger, badger...

Current tune: "Lex" by: Ratatat

Well, I'm almost done with all my studies in Canterbury! yay! It's a fantastic feeling, but a sad one as well. I am getting ready to accept the fact that my time here is over and I must return home. People who love me miss me, and I need to see them to make myself feel better as well.

I gave my last presentation today, which was rubbish, about the '08 Presidential Elections based on articles from two British newspapers called the Guardian and the Sun. It was for my communications class, which I loathe, so I'm not too stressed about the outcome.

I stopped in to see Shanna and to pick up this!

This is my newly acquired badger mug! It was actually one of Shanna's flatmates mug's but I claimed it. I had adored it the first time I saw it and would sip my tea out of it when I would stop over to see Shanna. After finding out it was Mark's I offered to pay him for it. In the end, I gained possession of the cuteness that is the badger mug and Mark will receive a Caroline drawing!

That was a light note of my night, though I have mountains of research to accomplish (and cleaning, sorting;etc.) ahead of me. Plus a couple ASDA runs and maybe a coffee run down the road for some cheap Costa coffee at the 24h convenience stores.

I heart convenience stores! They remind me of home.

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velvetcake said...

I want a badger mug.