Sunday, December 28, 2008

glitter pens and glue sticks

Current tune: "Hold On" by: Eskju Divine

Hehe....trying out new fonts....I don't know if everyone can really read the tiny font I choose to use in my entries. So! I hope it is better!

After a bit of work I've been catching here and there I was inspired to make my own "thank you" cards for Christmas to mail to friends and relatives!

I was excited to see how to see how much my local wal-mart had to offer in scrapbooking options, paper, scissors, pens, and just crafty flair.

I was happy to choose the 100% recycled paper and envelopes to mail my cards out in!

Simple. Cute. And to the point.

I wanted to make them my own and I do hope people appreciate them!

I have no specific craft room. I don't have a place where shelves are decked with labeled art supplies and materials galore. I work where I feel like and when I feel inspired.

It's good for me. And misunderstood by my family.

New Year's is coming up! And I hope to try out some yummy recipes from my new cookbook!


velvetcake said...

I think a dedicated craft room is something you desperately need. If we ever get a place, I want my own study that will be all neat and tidy but with computers everywhere and you can have a messy art room with supplies and cute drawings everywhere.

Caroline said...

that would be lovely <3

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