Monday, December 29, 2008

bowling for pizza

Current tune: "Heavenly Peach Banquet" by: Monkey

Saturday Matt and I went bowling with my family for my sister's birthday. Since I was in Canterbury during her birthday we decided to have it after so she could invite friends. The seven of us went out to the only surviving local bowling areas in the area and then out for some pizza!

My sister bowlin' on her b-day party

Some bowling shoe love.
Matt has smaller feet than I, but he has his own nice bowling shoes to make up for it.

After bowling we had the BEST veggie pizza I ever had at an Italian restaurant a town over from ours. It was loaded with these little yummy mushrooms, chunks of fresh tomato, broccoli, onions, and slices of black olives. It was sooo delicious!

I hope local friends will recognize this lovely guy.

On a different note, I've been enjoying my new incense that I bought before Christmas. I missed burning it when I was in Canterbury, and will miss it again when I'm back at school.

This is the company that I buy incense from, but indirectly from my favorite gypsy/hippie store in Saratoga called Magic Moon.

Their scents are great, their products are very reasonably priced, and their message, praying for peace, is both wonderful and inspirational.


Gracie said...

bowling sounds like funnnn! PS: Insense rocks <3

velvetcake said...

Great, my embarrassingly small feet are online for everyone to see.

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