Sunday, December 21, 2008

retro replay

Current tune: "Nothing to Lose" by: Dimitri From Paris

While my mom and sister baked pies for girl scouts with many other little girl scouts in our house, I attempted to stay away from all the chaos and clutter and keep myself occupied by making crafts and taking pictures of the mess.

I only realized how retro my home really looks in photos. And was kinda impressed.

My family's kitchen.

Ingredients for pie making.

When everything was done I began making cute Christmas gift tags. This, in part, was to curb my boredom, force myself to be crafty, and to make cute things.

I used some very cute stamps we had lying about, colored pencils, and puffy paint. I'm hoping people will enjoy them.

I also did these. They're just pretty cursive words. They have potential, I just don't know what to do with them.

All in all, I'll be posting cute crafty things to keep myself busy since no one sees fit to give me work. Happy Holidays!

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