Tuesday, December 9, 2008

make art, not papers!

Current tune: "Post Modern Girls" by: The Strokes and Regina Spektor

Sooooo...my brain is utterly fried. I've been writing notes of five upcoming exams that I all have tomorrow. 5 exams and 5 hours of hell....yippie!

So I'm sitting with Christina's friend, Andrew, finishing things up, and I thought I would document what's been going on in my pad.....aka....the kitchen.

A lovely picture of my dinner. Mild curry ramen. Cooked in a pot on the hob, rather than in a bowl in the microwave.

My work area. The kitchen. A disaster.

There's a piece of nutell'ed bread, some hard cider, a computer and my notes on none other than sketchbook watercolour paper.

It is officially 2:40 am. I am tired, drained, and exhausted. I have a looooong day ahead of me and just enough life in me to get things done.

Good news: tomorrow I will be skipping my ethics class to go to Chromos (my fave Canterbury art store) and purchase some spraypaint to start the shopping cart project. Which! Will get done before I leave.

After these wretched exams I will be making art, and getting fucked.

What's better than making art in an altered state of mind? I've got my youth to spend, and knowledge to gain. Oh, won't you take my hand to that neverland we built in our heads. The kind with upholstered walls and fluffy beds. Be my lover, and we'll live like kings of our kind.

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