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Merry Christmas! (..or belated for that manner....)

My Christmas was very small, filled with awkwardness and not enough Christmas cookies!
I cheated a bit this Christmas, and how I want to every Christmas, with Matt as we exchanged presents on the 23rd to work around busy schedules and family separate family visiting. I received a tiny orange mug, some burt's bees lip balm, a panini maker, an electric hand held mixer, and (of course) a cookbook! Only, this time it was a vegetarian one I pointed out in Borders. I prefer cookbooks with pictures....<3

Matt and I both received record players, so like the cool indie children we are, we will be hitting up some used record stores to add to our little collections.

Christmas commenced with homemade pancakes for breakfast with my family and present opening around the tree in our livingroom. This was the first Christmas that we each only did one or two gifts for each other. Among the ups and downs, it was still pleasant. We then made our rounds and dropped off homemade presents and pictures to my grandparents. From there we drove to my other grandma's for Christmas dinner with her and my cousins; where I introduced to-furkey to the fam.

The Christmas tree in Westernville.

I then went up to spend time with Matt's family in Westernville. I reacquainted myself with the Disney classic Dumbo with the little children. Matthew's little cousin felt the need to tell me the most hilarious and random sentence a little child has ever told me in my life, to this date...." look like Sarah Palin....because of your glasses."

His family was busy and all over the place as usual, but we got to spend a lot of good time and little adventures. While I up there I took pictures of the little "relationships" that seemed to be cultivating in the doll house in one of spare rooms in Westernville. I enjoyed them.

And we'll ride to the hills.

You're a lazy son-of-a-gun.

I'm armed with love.

If only you could be real...

I had Matt take this picture on his iPhone...I just couldn't walk away from this bundle.

I got to draw this on their table. <3

Happy Holidays!

...and more snow!

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