Sunday, December 7, 2008

vegen dinner

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Thursday night was filled with awesome, and long awaited, professor dinner excitement! Gracie, Erica, Shanna, Nikita, and me all ventured down to the East Train Station of Canterbury to go Sander's and Bahar's flat for a vegan dinner and social event.

It was a small, yet stylish flat. Stylish in the sense of what three months of being abroad can manage.

Shanna brought over sparkling grape juice that just so happen to explode over the livingroom floor everywhere. Which was kinda sad, but hilarious at the same time.

For appetizers we had little toasted pieces of baguette with olive oil and vegan mozzerella cheese. They were small, cute and yummy!

The next course was this really good veggie soup that was made out of a turnip from the middle east. It was a puree that was sooo good. We drank the soup out of little glasses that made the experience even more cute.

For dinner Sander's brought out the vegan haggis, which was in the shape of our tofurkey and soooo good! It contained veggies, tofu, nuts, and just goodness. To go with it we had mashed potatoes with kale (a recipe that I will surely get from Bahar), and mashed turnips. I remember growing turnips in our back garden the first year I grew our garden, but didn't eat them. I think I was just turned off from them to eat them. After being a vegetarian I have been reaquainting myself with vegetables. It has been a relationship that has been growing with age and getting better.

Dessert canceled out our delicious and nutricious dinner completely. That is because it consisted of fried oreo cookies and mars bars. I only had one, thank god I'm turned off from deep fried dessert dishes from the south.

Above: Bahar and Sander's. They're cute philospohy-vegan-travelers.

Bahar later whipped out this jar of utter cookie-peanut butter bred goodness! It was a dutch peanut butter cookie paste that was as yummy and addictive as crack.....if I was a crack addict. We had to try this tasty treat with wooden chopsitcks because we had used up the rest of the utensils and dishes. Below, gaze into the goodness!

The whole experience with good friends and professors was wonderful! We walked back home on the castle wall of Canterbury where I nearly wet my pets from laughing so hard from Gracie and Erica walking like utter nincompoops. It was a good time, though.

We walked through town to see everything lit up and then I departed to meet up with Mandi and Chistina in the Jolly Sailor.

All in all, it was a very good experience. I will be hounding Bahar for all her fantastic and delish recipes and will be looking forward to out next vegan dinner experience in the future!

Shanna took the picture, but she was there!

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